Winner of Campfire Ignites: Pitcher and Paint

Hannah Watkins
Hannah Watkins|

We’ve already introduced you to Janja, founder of AYSWAP and one winner of our Campfire Ignites competition. Now it’s time to chat to our other winners: meet Albi and Ife, founders of Pitcher and Paint – a new company whose aim it is to help people re-ignite their creative sparks by producing a series of art classes.

Here’s their story so far:

PANDP sofa

Hey guys. Tell us a bit about Pitcher and Paint!

We are a young startup, founded in 2017, that has been running art classes and events for the last year and a half.

Our goal is to help people awaken or reignite their creative sparks by providing fun, chilled, and engaging events where guests can socialise but also try something new.

Where did the idea come from?

We founded the company together through our need to do something creative outside of our corporate environments. We both have corporate jobs which aren’t very creative or expressive, so we wanted to provide not just ourselves, but others too, with a space to release the sleeping artist within them.

How do your classes work?

We have three classes per “series”. In each series we use a different medium – from acrylics and watercolour to chalk and charcoal. We try to keep them relaxed and fun so that guests don’t feel intimidated – although we have noticed that a few guests get quite competitive which is always great to see! We balance out the class with some video tutorials as a visual aid and 1-2-1 advice as we go around helping people, but we always emphasise the fun and relaxed elements of the class.

What made you apply for the Campfire Ignites competition?

It looked like an opportunity not to be missed. We’ve been looking for a new base where we could carry on our work in a friendly, fun, peaceful environment. Sometimes you just need a good environment around you to get some work done and that’s exactly what we got with Campfire.

How are you finding the workspace so far?

It’s going really well so far. We’ve already used it for various things from small meetings to interviews for new staff. We’ve actually just hired our first intern and it was great that we were able to use Campfire as the base for that.

What’s on the cards for you guys in the future?

We’re looking to keep growing and delivering our fun and engaging art events. We’re continuously looking at improving on what we’re doing at the company: bigger events, newer mediums, as well as a new online platform.

We are also looking to continuously develop partnerships with various art organisations as well as partnering with a number of charities –in particular mental health charities.

Watch this space!

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