Why is coworking the perfect place for your startup?

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Coworking is a popular choice with startups: it brings entrepreneurs and creatives from all industries together under one roof. So why is coworking the perfect place for a startup like yours?

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So what’s coworking?

Coworking spaces are open-plan offices with a multitude of independent and shared desks where freelancers, startups and early-stage companies can work. The space is normally vast and shared between several companies, with communal access to facilities like printers, espresso machines, private meeting rooms and kitchens. If you’re lucky, you might even find fun stuff like rooftop gardens, on-side cafes, pool tables, ping pong and table football!

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Why they are awesome?

1. Flexibility A flexible let structure of one-month minimum stays means that companies are not required to make large commitments early on. This means that if you decide to move location, expand your workforce, or aren’t sure about the future, co-working spaces can be ideal. You also have the option of different tiers such as hot-desking, fixed desks or multi-location access if you’re always on the move.


2. Affordability Co-working desks normally range from £35 per month (for hot-desking in Greater London) to around £500 per month (fixed desks, with multi-location access in prime central London locations). There is a lot of space for budgets in between to find something that is exactly tailored to you. This, combined with short leases, means that these workspaces are a lot more affordable than traditional offices and provide the ultimate middle-step to migrating away from working at home.

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3. Community Meeting other like-minded people with complementary skills and diverse experiences can do wonders for your business. Need digital marketing expertise? There’s a high likelihood there’s an expert sitting 5 metres from you. Need animation for your video? Need copy for your blog post? All these needs can be quickly filled by conversations you have with the people you are sharing the space with.

Community is often both the most important and most overlooked aspect of where you decide to work. The engineered serendipity and cross pollination of ideas that occurs by working near a diverse group of people is invaluable.

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