Which Startup Won the Hubble Paper Toss #Officechallenge?

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The Hubble Office Challenge is underway. A long and arduous journey to find what the best startups in London have to offer when it comes to office sports.

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Everyone indulges in waste paper bin basketball. Many a time you’ve chucked an empty takeaway cup or ineligible page of notes through that inviting baskety rim. On the occasions you get a clear dunk, you will undoubtedly recognise the uncontrollable fist pump, punctuated with the kind of gleeful sounding noise only normally socially acceptable when made by five year olds.

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But what if things got a little more interesting…? What if every start-up across the world could compete in the classic challenge on the grand arena of the internet? Yes. We’ve scaled office sports.

Serious London startups have already rallied to the Office Challenge we laid down. You may ask us, “Hubble what is the #OfficeChallenge?”. It’s simple. The #OfficeChallenge is a way for startups to challenge other startups anywhere in the world to throw a paper ball into a rubbish bin in a challenging way!

Here’s our challenge video:

Sound ridiculous? Well yeah, it kind of is, but it’s taken off big time. We honestly never realised you guys were so damn talented with small papery balls.

If you didn’t get nominated just hold fire, phase 2 Office Challenge is coming soon, and it’s going to be bigger and better. Here are Lorenz’s top 6 entries….

lorenz from hubble before the paper toss office challenge

6. Techspace

A fine attempt by Techspace who are only in last place due to swearing. Naughty!

5. EF

A relaxed attempt at ball tossing, EF are not fans of tricks and whistles… we’d also like a go in your hammock – winky face.

4. TheEleven

The Eleven for their flukey “I can’t believe that actually worked” dunk. That totally deserved a fist pump.

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3. MassChallenge

Love that the entire office got involved in this one, even if only one person did manage to succeed. It’s not the winning that counts guys…

2. DoNation

Another collective effort and exercise in perseverance, we applaud you! DoNation almost won with this neatly edited effort, but sheer fluke got in the way…

1. Splittable

An inventive slam dunk from Splittable, but what the hell is that not quite a skateboard but still cooler than a scooter contraption they’re riding around on?!

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