Top 5 London Offices with Ping Pong Tables

Varun Bhanot
Varun Bhanot|

It’s now just as common for an office to have a ping pong table as it is for an office to have desks and chairs. Ok not quite. But although companies bought into the ping pong trend a while back, its popularity continues to grow. London’s businesses now even have their own social ping pong league, where teams can meet and compete with other companies close by. Members include the likes of Transferwise, Silicon Valley Bank, MarketInvoice and Lyst to name a few.

Here’s our selection of the top spaces with their own ping pong tables, some of which play in the social league:

Energy House Digital


EHD are a small digital agency based in Shoreditch. Putting their love of ping pong to one side, having met the team personally, they’re some of the nicest people you’ll meet. The space they have on offer is a great size for a small creative agency. They have 2 meeting rooms you can make use of as well as a very well maintained kitchen and breakout area. What’s more, the office catches a lot of sunshine during the day, which really brightens your day and warms you up, even in winter.

Shack15 – The Data Science Hub


Accommodating for the growing field of data science, Shack15 are London’s first coworking space dedicated to all things data science. They’re on a mission to build an ecosystem where people working in the field can network, be inspired and support each other. Their custom made ping pong table looks incredible and it’s probably a lot of fun to play on.

Techspace Shoreditch


Techspace are a fast growing co-working space with this being one of the latest offices they’ve recently opened. They offer scale up teams a range of high quality spaces, which come with free meeting room usage and trendy break out areas. As you can see they also have their own ping pong table conveniently located in the corner of the workspace. This means you can play during the day and not worry about annoying anyone trying to work!

Farringdon Road


This is a more traditional looking workspace based in Farringdon and overlooking St Pauls Cathedral. Looks aside, it comes with all the awesome modern workspace amenities – fresh fruit, snacks, great coffee, beer and of course ping pong. This ping pong table doubles up as a desk. So for any casual meetings or work, just take the net down, hide the bats and balls, and get down to business.

Gray’s Inn Desks


Another traditional looking workspace but with all the much loved modern amenities, this space is situated right in the hustle and bustle of central London. Transportation is never an issue with Holborn, Chancery Lane and Farringdon stations all just a short walk away. If you hate rush hour, you can always make use of the ping pong table and play away whilst you wait for the rush to die down after work.


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