Today, Spacious becomes Hubble

Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

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Today, Spacious becomes Hubble.

This isn’t just a new name for our company, it’s a new way of representing what we’re truly passionate about.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a force for good in the world. Hubble is set up by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We want to make it easy for companies like ours to find and create the perfect home to grow our businesses, nurture our culture and build our communities.

As we evolve into a larger team of passionate individuals and further develop our platform, we hope you’ll continue with us on our journey to completely reimagine the world of property.

Where we work matters. Choose well.

What’s new

We have rebuilt the entire site from the ground-up. Check it out

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Our location search is now focused on the 5 specific hubs most important to startups & small businesses in London: Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, Soho, Southbank and Camden. Our interpretation of these areas is a little larger than the conventional property industry’s and hovering over reveals what tube stations are closest.


We will only be accepting spaces in these hubs for now, but will be expanding our reach very quickly over the coming months.


Long-gone are ambiguous definitions. We have narrowed the offices we deal with to:

Private offices – your own 4 walls to keep your team independent from other companies.

Shared offices – your own dedicated area or desks within an office shared with other companies (this includes sublets & licenced space).

Coworking – access to a shared work environment where you can sit wherever you like.

Our platform only deals with serviced space and does not list conventional leases. We are focused on companies of 15 people or smaller. However, if you are larger than 15 people, definitely do talk to us as we have partnerships with agents that we have hand-picked who share the same philosophy as us.


Our office profiles have been made as simple to understand as possible, without sacrificing the detail that makes them special. We believe each office is unique; we are bringing out the stories, character and personality of those offices through high quality photography (a complimentary Hubble service), the people within the office and the hub where the office is located.

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Until now, we had adopted the conventional pricing in the broker and agent market, which is 10% of the monthly rent for up to 12 months (or however long the companies stay in the space).

We are not a broker in the conventional sense. We are a technology marketplace and found the 10% pricing model to be rigid and unfair. We believe effective pricing should reflect the balance between the value a customer receives for their service and the cost at which the service is provided. Our pricing has changed to reflect this.


The more you use our technology to rent your office, the cheaper it is for us and the cheaper it is for you. The more you require a personalised service, the more expensive it is for us and the more expensive it is for you. It’s still completely free to list and we only charge you when we find you a tenant. We think that’s fair.

Hubble Pricing Screenshot

Our platform still remains completely free for those looking for space (unless we pass you on to a partner agent, who will charge you based on their own fees that we do not control).


You may have read that we recently raised our seed round to help build out our team.

Our hiring is complete and we are proud to have assembled a group of talented individuals, all of whom are passionate about one day becoming founders themselves.

We are fortunate to be aided by a sterling group of advisors and investors, all experts in their relative fields of property, technology and marketplaces.

Why the change?

We anticipate a future battle over the brand “Spacious” with several other companies operating with this name already. Unfortunately, operating as a “lean startup” in the past year, we overlooked the importance of legally protecting our brand in the UK.

Our rebranding has given us an opportunity to refocus on what is really important to us and our customers. We have rebuilt Spacious into Hubble from the ground-up because where you work matters.

Introducing: Part-time Offices

Your very own office 1-3 days per week. Save up to 75% compared to a full-time office.

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