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most desirable office postcodes in london

London is one of the great cultural centres of the world. Anyone who has ever lived and worked here knows that the city is extremely diverse. Each neighbourhood is unique in its own right, and moving from one place to another can feel like you’re travelling to a new city altogether. From the budding startup’s favourite of Shoreditch to West End’s Soho, you’ll find every walk of life and type of work environment in London.

The numbers don’t lie. Today, London’s labour market is continuing to grow. It sees a projected 0.78 per cent growth rate per annum, or 49,000 additional jobs per year, with these 6 sectors accounting for three-fifths of London’s increase in jobs:

  1. Professional, real estate, scientific, and technical
  2. Administrative and support services
  3. Accommodation and food services
  4. Information and communication
  5. Health
  6. Education

London is the place to be if you want to be part of a growing city. So how can a business choose the best neighbourhood for their industry here?

Perhaps we can help. We’ve scraped and analysed our user search data. These are the most desirable postcodes for office space in London right now.

Most Popular Postcodes for Offices in London

SE1    E1    NW1    W1F    EC1M

Office Space in SE1

Neighbourhoods: South Bank, Bankside, Bermondsey & Waterloo

most desirable postcodes in london se1

Beautiful, central, accessible. As one of the most popular London postcodes, this area is uniquely positioned directly south of the River Thames. It covers Waterloo, Bankside, and Southwark, to name a few. Not does this postcode area offer a breathtaking view of the waterfront, it also contains some of the best places in London. A short walk from Waterloo will find you at the Florence Nightingale Museum, SEA LIFE London, and the London Eye, among others.

But its sights aren’t the only thing making this London postcode stand out. As a significant arts and entertainment district, this sector contributes to London’s rich art sector. Today, film, TV, video, radio, and photography as well as music, performing arts, and visual arts rank 2nd and 4th respectively in London’s creative industry groups in terms of GVA. An office here positions you to be part of this community, not to mention the amazing views over the River Thames and enough food places cater to satisfy any food craving for your after work life.

Office spaces in SE1:

Check out the SE1 office spaces on our platform.

Office Space in E1

Neighbourhoods: Aldgate, Whitechapel, Shoreditch


Just off the roads of Central London is this London area code, located within London’s East End, including districts you may know, such as Spitalfields, Whitechapel, and Stepney. You’ll find sites such as Wilton’s Music Hall, one of the oldest surviving Grand Music Halls, and the Whitechapel Gallery. Close to central London and the River Thames, it’s a location that is accessible and affordable, and home to unique offices that fit your work and your life.

Close to London’s financial district, this postcode nevertheless is ideal for similar businesses to grow. London is the financial hub of the UK and is a major trade and business centre in the world. Despite reports of financial trouble from recent events such as Brexit, London’s financial sector continues to outperform its competitors in Europe, with the city’s GDP predicted to grow at a rate of 2.3 per cent per year, higher than competing cities.

Here are some of our office space picks in E1:

Search for your office space at London’s E1 postcode.

Office Space in NW1

Neighbourhoods: Marylebone, Euston, Baker Street, Camden Town, Primrose Hill

most desirable postcodes in london nw1

Home to Regent’s Park, this London postcode includes the districts of Marylebone, Euston, Baker Street, Camden Town, Primrose Hill. Particularly well-known, Camden town will attract you with its alternative vibe, its breathtaking canals, and its picture-perfect green spaces. Rich with culture and vibrant with life, this place is perfect for the aspiring creative looking for a place to work away from the bustle of Central London.

Today, creative industries are an increasingly significant portion of London’s economy. In the past few years, data has shown that creative industries make up 11.6 per cent of all jobs in London. This is compared to the lower 4.9 per cent in the rest of the UK.

For those who want to be part of this increase in artists, this London postal code is where you want to be, whether you’re a creative looking for work or a startup company. With places such as the ZSL London Zoo nearby or Primrose Hill offering stunning (and free) views of the best sights of London, it’s a definitive place to balance your work-life schedule to perfection.

Looking for office space in NW1?

Browse our list of offices in London’s NW1 postcode.

Office Space in W1F

Neighbourhood: Soho

most desirable postcodes in london w1f

As one of the best areas in London for independent agencies and big-name corporations alike, Soho is the district where many find their home. It’s an eclectic mix of shops, entertainment, and creativity while remaining accessible due to its central location. Littered with both private and coworking, Soho is an excellent place for inspiration.

In the past few years, one of the fastest growing industries in London is creative industries, with employment rates rising 24.2 per cent in the past five years, significantly higher than job growth in the other industries, a 14.4 per cent increase as a whole. Now, more than ever, becoming a creative is lucrative. In this London postcode, the energy of this district is likely enough to keep you motivated, and the streets offer enough distraction to keep you occupied after work so that you’re never burnt out or bored while in Soho.

Office spaces in W1F:

Discover private and coworking spaces at the W1F postcode.

Office Space in EC1M

Neighbourhoods: Clerkenwell, Farringdon

most desirable postcodes in london ec1m.jpg

Located just north of the River Thames, Farringdon is the last on our list for popular London postcodes, but it is by no means the least. It’s an accessible area just north of London’s Square Mile that’s perfect for anyone looking for a space to work in. With a plethora of unique eateries littering the area, you’ll never find yourself without a bite to eat, and when you’re looking to arrange that office lunch, you’ll never find yourself out of places to go to.

Today, IT, software, and computer services are one of the most sought after services, and is the highest performing creative industries group in terms of GVA, double what the second highest performing group (film, tv, video, radio, and photography), shown by data over the last few years. At Farringdon, your unique location allows you easy access to anywhere you’d like to go for your after work life.

Our EC1M office space picks:

Browse our unique EC1M office spaces.


It’s no secret. London is the place to be, whether you’re a startup company, a creative looking to get their feet wet, a finance virtuoso, or a freelancer building their portfolio, there’s no end to the diversity of life or the opportunities you’ll find in London. As one of the world’s major cities – and the face of the UK – London is where you can find a home that suits you and your skills.

London’s economy is growing, one of the fastest of which is creatives, rising at a rate 10 per cent higher than other industries in London in the past five years. Data in the past year has also shown increases in job growth for administrative and support services, construction, and health and social work.

At Hubble, our speciality is bringing people and spaces together. With thousands of unique office spaces across London, the choices of where you want to work are endless, so we’ve put together a list of the most popular places to be in London (decided by your search results – postcode and area!) Some of these you’ll know very well, but we hope that some are new places that you haven’t explored yet. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new place to be after this.

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