Full-Time Remote: Hanna Mansson, Head of Marketing

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What were the factors in your life that made you choose to go remote?

After 13 years in London, a city that I love and adore, my homesickness took over. I missed my family, friends and my country – the closeness to nature and the sea, the fresh air and the lifestyle. But, I also loved my job at Hubble and really didn’t want to leave, so a remote position was getting the best of both worlds.

What does your remote work schedule look like?

Sweden is one hour ahead so I work 9-5 UK hours, whilst the UK office work 10-6. I find that extra hour in the morning before the rush starts is perfect for analytical work, as well as getting ahead on emails etc. I also travel over to London for two days every other week to meet with the team and attend important meetings and brainstorms.

How did you approach requesting to work remotely with your team?

When I had decided I really wanted to move I made the suggestion to work remotely to my manager. I had already put together a vision for how I imagined the remote work would look, what would change and how I would tackle those changes – as well as explaining my travel plans. I also sat down with everyone in my team and discussed how the new setup would work best for everyone. These discussions were very useful and led to a lot of great ideas – for example us having morning stand ups to keep daily contact.

At Hubble we embrace the new world of work rather than fight against it. We live what we preach, and I am very proud of that.

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What are some tools that you find helpful for remote work?

A solid, reliable conference call software is essential – there is nothing worse than trying to have meeting and the tech failing you. We tested several options but have found Zoom to be the best so far. We also use the instant messaging tool Slack at Hubble which has been a life-saver for me. It means I’m still part of the conversations happening in the office – whether it’s about what our office dog Wiley has been up to or an important announcement – all in real time.  I may be in another place but I’m far from isolated thanks to these tools!

What are your favourite parts of remote work?

Being able to be in the place I want to be and still have the job I want is truly amazing. Other benefits of remote work is that you get a lot more focus-time as there are less distractions, so you might actually find yourself getting more work out the door. Finally, I believe you’re more productive when you’re happy with your situation, so that’s certainly something every employer should strive towards!

What are the biggest challenges of remote work?

I miss my team and my colleagues. They are a fantastic bunch of people and I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss everything from the office banter to the daily face-to-face meetings. You have to make much more of an active effort to stay integrated and involved with the team when you’re working remotely.

Do you have any tips for remote workers or those considering remote work?

Ask yourself if you are good working independently, or if you work better with people around you. Also, think about how essential the social aspect of work is to you and how you can still be a part of that once remote. Going remote is a big decision, so careful consideration and planning is important. Perhaps you can give yourself a test period working from home before making the decision so you get a feel for it. And finally, perhaps the most important advice – get yourself a kick-ass, mega-fast internet connection wherever you are!


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