Oppo Ice Cream x HubbleHQ: Finding Space To Grow

Lucy O'Connor
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We spoke to Charlie, Co-Founder of our favourite ice cream brand, Oppo Ice Cream, about his business and his experience working with HubbleHQ. We helped Charlie on his mission to become the number one healthy indulgent brand in Europe, by finding him the perfect office for his team to grow, in a thriving community of food and beverage startups.

What is your vision for Oppo Ice Cream? 

Charlie: Before starting Oppo we noticed that industries like tech and travel have seen rapid innovation, but food has stagnated. Health and taste are rarely found in the same branded product, and meanwhile, unhealthy food is everywhere, accelerating global health problems. There is a consumer revolution against high sugar, high calorie, processed foods, but healthy food doesn’t answer our craving for real indulgence. So our mission is to change the way people indulge by creating #GoodTemptation.  That’s what is driving our vision to be the number one healthy indulgent brand in Europe.

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What challenges were you experiencing that made you decide to use HubbleHQ?

Charlie: As a budding company that was quickly outgrowing our office, we needed to find the right space for the right price, that would give us room to grow. It was important to be central and in a place that our staff would enjoy coming to work each day. A more specific need for Oppo was to have facilities for food development and connections with other food startups. Whilst it’s easy to find a room with some desks and chairs, HubbleHQ helped us to find the perfect space to bring Oppo to life and feed our creativity.

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How are you and your team liking your new office and neighbourhood?

Charlie: The Food Exchange is a hub of young food and beverage startups, and we all have similar goals and struggles. It has become a real community where we help one another and create a wider network of like-minded people. Our office is a lovely open-plan space with large windows looking out over London, it is a huge step up from our previous space. 

Want to be a part of this community? Check out The Food Exchange


How has the move benefited your employees?

Charlie: Moving to The Food Exchange has allowed us to grow and welcome lots of new faces to the Oppo team. Finding the perfect space where people enjoy coming to work has been a real motivating force and it has helps us define the Oppo brand.

What stood out for you about using our product?

Charlie: HubbleHQ simplifies what could be a really stressful move and allows a fast-paced company like Oppo to keep running smoothly instead of investing lots of time in viewings and false starts. The HubbleHQ team understand how important it is to find personality in a space and make it your own. Oppo is thriving in our new office space.

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What’s next for Oppo Ice Cream?

Charlie: Oppo is now one of Europe’s top-selling ice creams and we’re continuing to expand into new countries and stockists in 2019. We have some very exciting new launches and flavours coming this year, so watch this space! 

Thanks, Charlie!

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