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Office Focus: Warehouse Conversions

The HubbleHQ Team
The HubbleHQ Team|Updated December 12th 2018

As people move away from the confinement of cube farms, more and more offices are popping up in non-traditional spaces – and one of the most popular locations of them all is in old abandoned warehouses. Repurposing these buildings has become a worldwide trend for both residential and commercial property. Perfect for anyone who seeks a unique office environment, these derelict buildings are adapted into modern workspaces that resonate the utilitarian roots of the building’s past combined with a modern, industrial style twist.

London office - converted warehouse

London, once an industrial hub, no longer produces goods the way it used to. The late 20th century marked a huge change for the UK market as more and more companies began outsourcing overseas. In 2010, manufacturing represented only 12% of the GDP, having fallen from 32% of the GDP in 1970. As a result of this, it’s become quite trendy to take these massive, empty buildings and convert them into something that can again be used, either as banquet halls, theatre and arts studios, luxury loft apartments, or, in this case, office space. 

Whether you’re looking for just a touch of industrial style or a full blown utilitarian workspace, warehouse conversions make for beautiful offices. Take a look at some of Hubble’s favourite converted warehouse listings in London.

Cotton’s Gardens Studios

converted warehouse office-london

Cotton’s Gardens Studios is a perfect example of a converted warehouse office. Located in Shoreditch, this Victorian building has been converted into a modern work space with reminders of the warehouse it once was. With french doors, original windows, and old-timey touches like a wood burning stove and joist to the mews below, this office has kept the best pieces of the original building and modernised the rest.

Fixed desks are £301 per person per month.

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Citibase London


Previously a gunnery, this historic building still has some of its original and finest features including cathedral-height ceilings, industrial brickwork and exposed iron beams. Located in the Royal Arsenal Riverside Quarter, the building is a short distance from London Underground and rail stations.


Private offices are £250 per person per month.

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Shoreditch Designer Loft


Located in the heart of Shoreditch, this office puts a fun, creative spin on the traditional industrial warehouse. Formerly a curtain pole factory, vibrantly painted floors and faux grass patches combine beautifully with original brickwork and exposed metal beams for a modern take on the converted warehouse.

Fixed desks £350 per person per month.

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The Brew: Shoreditch Stables


This fantastic converted warehouse, also in Shoreditch, features red brick and rugged wooden floors that make for a ton of character. Exposed electrical work adds an industrial feel while large windows and glass walls make for plenty of natural light throughout the office.

Fixed desks are £315 per person per month.

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