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Hannah Watkins
Hannah Watkins|

Ah, the infamous Secret Santa. So fun in concept, often such a pain in reality. It’s hard enough to think of something to buy for family members that you’ve known for your entire life, let alone that colleague whose name you just had to double-check on LinkedIn, because realistically you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you knew the person really well. You would just get them something that they’d actually like. But what about when that isn’t the case?


After all, from previous experience Secret Santa is rarely as discreet as it’s name might suggest—those lucky souls who draw their friend’s name out of the hat and give an actual half-decent present give the game away…and by the process of elimination, it’s likely that your identity—and present—will be revealed.

Secret Santas don’t always go well, and at HubbleHQ we’ve experienced that first-hand. Particularly bad gifts given to the team (not from fellow HubbleHQ members, we hasten to add!) have included a toy motorcycle the week after the recipient’s real one had been stolen, a recycled, 5-year-old, incomplete Boots’ free gift, and a Manchester United scarf returned directly to the person who had given it the year before.

Don’t be that person.

A well-thought-out and insightful gift can form bonds, prove that you are a real human being with actual non-work-related thoughts and gain respect from your workmates. But we’re also aware that it’s probably not particularly high on your priorities, and is probably going to be bought on your way home from work the day before its due. So here at HubbleHQ, we have scoured the Internet to find a selection of gifts that people may actually want to receive – to save you the hard work!

We’ve divided our top picks into four different categories:

  1. Nice (but not boring)
  2. Fun
  3. Useful
  4. Alcohol-based (yes, that last one needs a category of its own)

So avoid the present drawer, decide which approach you want to take and happy gifting!


1. Nice (but not boring) – actual nice gifts that actual people might actually like

You do quite like this person. You wonder why you don’t speak more. You probably won’t if you get them a terrible gift. Play it safe with these little gems:

A4 Cinema Light Box

£9.99 (was £19.99)


These write-your-own-message lightboxes are really popular at the moment, and make a fun addition to a home or office. This one here is a steal!

Manicure Set



A little manicure set is cute, well within budget and really handy for a desk drawer. At Qwerkity they have both giraffe and zebra designs, too.

Travel Mug



This one is perfect for the caffeine addicts of the office—and at Typo there are loads of different colours for you to choose from!

Pub Quiz Party Game


Pub Quiz

For the hardened quiz-goers, this fun game is a nice touch!

Personalised Photo Mug

From £6.95


A personalised gift like these mugs can show that you actually put some time and effort into the Secret Santa. On PhotoBox you can upload your own photos and text – both as incriminating as you like..!

2. Fun – make people smile, but not cringe…

If you want to have a bit more fun with your gift, then check out these:

Ninjabread Cookie Kit



If there’s a baker in your team, then these ninjabread kits are definitely NOT just for kids..!

Vinyl Coasters



For any musicians/music lovers, these coasters are a fun idea for the office.

Happy Cat Heat Changing Mug


cat mug

Every office has one: the crazy-cat-person. For them: this mug, which closes the cat’s eyes when it contains a hot drink.

World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies


walkie talkies

These walkie talkies are budget-friendly choice for that gadget-crazy member of the team.

3. Useful to ensure that your £10 goes to good use

World’s Smallest Vacuum



So this one is ever so slightly over budget, but if you’re feeling extra-generous and willing to bend the rules, then this tiny vacuum can help your workmate keep those pesky desk crumbs at bay.

2018 Diary



An old-school option for people who still like to write things down—and if you’re going to give someone a diary then this is the time to do it.

Snap remote


Snap remote 2

A less cliché version of the selfie-stick.

Desktop USB Fan


USB fan

This nifty little fan plugs into your USB port—handy for when the aircon breaks in the office…

4. Alcohol-based  ever the crowd-pleaser!

Miniatures Gift Sets



If whiskey is their thing, then check out these JD miniatures.

Or if you suspect that they’re more a fan of vodka, then try this set.

Hip Flask


Hip Flask

There are a lot of these around, some with awesome patterns—but this one has an inbuilt shot glass! A cheeky companion to a sports match or an Uber journey…


Good websites to browse in your lunch-break:

Finally, if none of these are quite right for your recipient and/or budget, then these are a few websites you can check out that have lots of fun, original gifts:

  • Not on the High Street
  • Firebox
  • Typo
  • Qwerkity

So there you have it—some ideas for your perusal. We hope you find them useful!

Merry Christmas, everybody!


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