These Are The Most Desirable Neighbourhoods for Office Space in London

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Last month, we wrote about the most desirable postcodes in London based on our search data. This time, we’re talking about the most popular neighbourhoods in London right now based on search data from over 30,000 Hubble users each month. This is where you should be thinking of working, whether now or soon in the future.

Most Popular Neighbourhoods in London

Shoreditch, London Bridge, Waterloo, Farringdon, Soho

Office Space in Shoreditch

Over the past twenty years, Shoreditch has seen significant development. It may be hard to tell now, but back then, Shoreditch was seen as a rundown part of the city. Today, it is one the best areas in London situated in the East End. It is a prime hotspot for creatives, which is evident in the street art around every corner, upmarket cafes, and unusual eateries. You’ll find clusters of tech and web companies here who have made their home within the Silicon Roundabout – London’s technology hub.

The future of Shoreditch looks good too. Data forecasts have shown office rental growth in Shoreditch to be among the highest in Central London within the next few years, at 11.4%. There’s growth in the residential side too, with projects such as The Stage, an enormous 27 storey building complete with 412 apartments due for completion in the upcoming years. There’s even talks in the Hackney Council about an area action plan for Shoreditch named Future Shoreditch, though that’s somewhat on the farther end of things.

Most popular offices in Shoreditch:

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Office Space at London Bridge

London’s iconic bridge is undergoing development. It is one of London’s busiest hubs, where the business community outnumbers the residential population by an enormous 10:1. Today, London is experiencing rapid development and growth, necessitating the London Bridge Plan, which looks to distinctively position London Bridge against the growth of its immediate surrounding areas, with improvements to the area’s accessibility, economy, and residency.

Unsurprisingly, this plan is drawing companies to the area, who are moving in looking to take advantage of this growth. The plan looks to improve office spaces for businesses of all sizes in London Bridge, improve the quality of place within the area, and create sustainable job growth. There’s an eye on accessibility, with a new rail station at the foot of The Shard, and a Low Line within the London Bridge area focused on walking and cycling. It’s estimated that Southwark’s residential population is looking to grow 47,000 within the next ten years – a 15% increase, far above the London average. With such plans for London Bridge, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best places to be in London, now and for the future.

Most popular office spaces at London Bridge:

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Office Space at Waterloo

Waterloo is one of London’s largest transport hubs, and is home to the Waterloo Station. All of London’s busiest stations are located on the periphery of London’s traditional business areas, but today, Waterloo is emerging as a major business district in its own right.

Each year, the Waterloo station sees a staggering 99 million entries and exits – roughly a quarter of a million people per day. Today, it’s hard to miss the work being done on the station itself, which is part of a £800 million investment plan, aiming to improve space by 30% for passengers in London’s busiest station by the end of 2018. Similarly, the space around the station is similarly aimed to expand, creating a 135,000 square foot space for new restaurants and stores, creating a plethora of new space for jobs and personal growth. With such growth in the immediate future, it’s no surprise that London’s biggest transportation platform is also one of the best places to be in London right now and in the immediate future, both as a place to work and a place to grow a business.

Most popular office spaces at Waterloo:

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Office Space in Farringdon

Today, Farringdon is one of the best areas in London. Situated in the heart of London’s Islington district, it ranks among the top regions in Central London to grow your business. Not only is the neighbourhood vibrant and alive with its collection of trendy and hipster bars, but Farringdon today is a growing hub for creative and tech companies. The neighbourhood is close to Silicon Roundabout and a cluster of London universities such as the Queen Mary University of London and the University of the Arts, making it a viable option for companies looking to build connections.

For the future, Farringdon is looking to benefit economically, with a four year plan and a budget of £1.5 million to make the area richer for businesses. With the advent of a new railway for London in the Crossrail, Farringdon is set to become one of the best connected hubs in London, and is the place of choice for any aspiring businesses looking to build.

Our Farringdon office spaces:

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Office Space in Soho

As one of London’s first business locations, Soho nevertheless is still one of London’s best areas to be in today. It is an important business destination for companies within the creative, arts, media, and TV industries and is currently home to some of London’s top media, advertising, and film production companies – all excellent places to work for those who are looking to find a place to work. Soho is incredibly accessible, surrounded by the Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, and Leicester Square stations. With the advent of the 2018 Crossrail, you’ll find Soho linked with spots such as Stratford and Canary Wharf in less than fifteen minutes, and Heathrow in thirty minutes.

Today, London is one of the best places in the UK for creatives. Over the past five years, the creative sector of London has grown by over a quarter, with data from 2016 showing us that 11.9% of all jobs in London are within the creative sector. Pay is similarly high, with the gross median hourly pay for creatives almost a third higher than those working outside the creative sector. As the creative hotspot of London, Soho is the place to be for any creative, whether you’re aspiring or a veteran of the field.

Office spaces in Soho:

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London is one of the best places in the world to work in. Over the past couple of months, London has seen steady growth in its job market that has lead to more people than ever finding jobs. In late last year (October to December 2017), data about employment rates in London have placed it at 74.5% – that’s 4.6 million people working in the city, with an estimated 16,000 more people working in those three months alone. Estimates have placed 5,000 brand new jobs within that same three month time range. Compared to the year before, the rate of London’s growth has only improved. It’s no secret – London is growing, and that’s something everyone can take advantage of.

Today, London sees growth within many districts of the city. London’s labour market remains strong and data shows that employment rates are higher than the year before. Similarly, the number of jobs is also steadily increasing. All five of the neighbourhoods shown in today’s post have improvements to look out for in the future, but are still dazzlingly attractive places to be in at this very moment.

Not every London district is created equal. London is home to a collection of many neighbourhoods, all of which are unique in their own right. Finding the best areas of London to grow in can be challenging, but with the right information, it doesn’t have to be.

For those of us looking to be a part of the best areas in London, Hubble has you covered. Our speciality is bringing people and spaces together. Search from thousands of unique office spaces. Today, London is part of something growing, and every single one of us can be a part of that growth.

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