Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn’t know about

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Over recent years there has been a massive influx of coworking spaces being set up across London. Companies such as WeWork have set up multiple office spaces and the city has become a monopoly board of large co-working bodies. While these organisations offer great office space, exciting networking opportunities and flexible rental options, they’re not always the best option for every small business and are often full because of their popularity.


Even if the price doesn’t bother you, you might want a different location. WeWork have offices in Southbank, Devonshire Square, Moorgate, Spitalfields, Southbank and Soho (yeah they pretty much have it covered) but what if you need something more north or south, or just want somewhere a bit smaller and quieter.

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

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Let’s take a quick look at WeWork. They have six offices located within central London; they offer flexible memberships options; you get invited to workshops and events; and they provide facilities such as conference rooms, kitchens, and even free fruit, but… what if they’re not what you’re looking for?

Here are some alternatives to WeWork and other large co-working organisations.

F# London – Shoreditch

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

This large private office in East London is currently used by a digital music advertising company and has up to four desk spaces available (and is soooo trendy it has a hashtag in its name, ooooo). All furniture is provided, there’s a full kitchen (there’s even an oven for pizzas (obvs), high speed internet and 24 hour access.

It is in a great location on Commerical Street opposite the Old Spitalfield Markets so you have easy access to the rest of the city.

Club Row Collective – Shoreditch

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

This is a great option for startups and small businesses trying to get up and running. You can choose from hotdesks or a more permanent shared office set up.

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, you will have great opportunities to network with other local businesses. The Club Row offices also offer virtual office services so you can outsource all of the boring admin stuff and get on with making your business grow.

MeWe360 – Soho

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

This 18 desk co-working space promotes itself as a non-profit incubator designed for creative entrepreneurs. It offers exciting opportunities for up and coming creative professionals and will allow you to work amongst fashion designers, game developers, musicians and performance artists.

They hold regular workshops, training and networking events so you will become fully integrated into the MeWe360 community. Plus, it’s located in Soho, the hippest, coolest, most groovy part of town! Everyone will be jealous.

Old Paradise Yard – Southbank

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

This converted school building only has a small number of desks available to people working in creative or digital fields so we recommend you check it out quickly. You will be sharing the space with branding and graphic agencies, allowing for some exciting networking and work opportunities.

This office even comes with its own on-site café so you’re guaranteed good coffee every day. Oh, and we mustn’t forget to mention that they have a ping pong table.

Clapham North Arts – Clapham

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

This open plan warehouse office space is exceptionally good value and open predominantly to creative freelancers or companies. The space is currently occupied by interior designers who have some empty desks to fill.

The office is located close to Clapham North tube station so it is easy to get to. They’re also offering a one-month rolling contract so you don’t have to make a long-term commitment either.

The Dock – Shadwell

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

Situated in the Grade 1 listed Tobacco Dock, the building has been fully refurbished and fitted out to be a modern office space.

You can choose from hot desks, workstations, or private offices depending on the needs of your business. There is onsite parking, showers and meeting rooms you can use with your clients.

The Dock opened in June 2015 after being rescued from its abandoned mall status and is expected to grow into a vibrant business community. It’s also on our list of London offices with the best event spaces.

The Handbag Factory – Vauxhall

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

Here’s something for the tech startups and creative freelancers – The Handbag Factory is a large warehouse space with a private gym, fully equipped kitchen and private meeting space. Hello! The current businesses working here are tech companies who encourage co-working and interaction.

You can choose to pay an extra £50 a month to receive a buffet breakfast every Monday, Thursday treats, access to the coffee machine, and to be able to eat from a fully stocked communal fridge. If you ask nicely, someone might even iron your shirts for you.

Bespoke Spaces – Islington

Inspiring Wework alternatives you didn't know about

For startups that are really on a budget and who are willing to look a little further outside of the centre of London, Bespoke Spaces is a fantastic option. Starting from just £195 per month, you can rent a desk in this shared office space.

They offer flexible tenancy leases and try and provide options to suit businesses, no matter what you budget and service requirements.

If you comment on the article about what you’re looking for in regards to office space, we’ll do some research for you and write back!

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