Lunch in Shoreditch: The Insider’s Guide

Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

Working in Shoreditch is a dream

With a myriad of places to eat, people to meet, Shoreditch you just can’t beat.

Shoreditch High Street view

Wells & Company Commercial Iron Works

Fashionable Men in Shoreditch


So difficult to choose

We caught up with Chris, the director of Bibendum Wine Company, on his way to Rough Trade for a cup of the perfected flat white.

“What’s your favourite lunch spot?”, we asked.

“It’s Shoreditch, it’s impossible to choose!” Chris replied.

“But really, if you had to pick one, something you never get bored of… what would it be?”

“Ok, so there’s a place near Hoxton Square. It’s called Cay Tre and it’s been there for ages. If you haven’t tried it yet order shaken beef. It’s a delight!”

Thanks, Chris! In fact, we have tried shaken beef and it’s wicked. Ready? Let’s explore more!

Revolving menus

Bruce, who’s a graphic designer said he absolutely loves Kastner and Ovens in Spitalfields. Why? The menu changes daily, so you never get bored, food is freshly made and it should be on top of everyone’s cheap Shoreditch eats list.

People of Shoreditch London

Remi, who’s minding the one and only All Saints sample sale (yap, we know, awesome!) go to Poppies. They said the fish is great and the fries are soft. Overall, both agree that the peeps at Poppies take good care of the food they are serving.

Beigel Bake - Brick Lane Bakery in Shoreditch

Family tradition

Francesco, who owns a coffee distribution company and rides around on his motorbike delivering it, said he loves Brick Lane Beigel Bake (yum! – and yes, of course we had to include this place. It’s a tradition!) and there’s a really good turkish place on 160 Bethnal Green Road.

Work, life balance

We then popped into the newly opened Danji Kitchen and talked to Rob, the manager, about the science of a perfect break. He said you need to make sure you have three things: silence, coffee and a newspaper.

Danji Kitchen Free WIfi in Shoreditch

Hipster Cashier in Shoreditch

Attention! If you are ever lost or not, but in Shoreditch and need a haircut (or a head massage) head to Path. It’s a bit hidden, but a nice secret spot if you’re up for a little game of searching. Yuka will wait for you there with a homemade sandwich.

Vegetarian Falafel Stand

LoungeLover Shoreditch High Street view

Can’t knock the hustle

After getting a cheeky lunchtime head massage (apparently you don’t have to die to land in heaven) we were ready to continue our mission. Well, almost ready. Our tummies were rumbling and we were in need of a little snack to keep us going. Help came almost instantly – a nice looking ‘falafel man’, as we named him, treated us to a few brown and round chickpea beauties. Highly recommended!

Dumdum donutterie donuts shoreditch

Getting high on your own supply

Meet Garo, he makes heavenly doughnuts, Dum Dum Donutterie right across the street from our office and Garo is a good man to know! On a good day he gets chomping two to three doughnuts and on bad days up to five get ‘quality checked’. What about lunch? Garo heads to Bukowski for yummy chargrilled burgers!

Jenny on YCN On the bab


New York meets London

Last but not least, we talked to Jenny from YCN, she said she has recently discovered a place called On The Bab and she thinks everyone should discover it too – Korean Barbeque has finally come to London, woohoo!

All we wanted was a chance to talk 'stead we only got outlined in chalk

Kahaila Shoreditch High Street

kahalia coffee shop drinks and bagels in shoreditch

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat

Whilst wandering narrow Brick Lane streets we made a discovery. Ready? Let us introduce you to Kahaila. Why this gem? First, you’ve got to try their Tuesday 7pm Yoga sessions. Second, it’s not just a cafe, it’s also a charity. Third, it’s full of great art, got massive wooden tables, nobody rushes you out or pressures to order another coffee and so it’s the perfect space to chill and get some work done.

You’ll easily spot it as it’s got amazing cakes displayed in the window. Cool fact: the sweet and beautiful delights are made by a lady called Kaelie, who runs Sweet Tooth Factory (definitely one of the best London bakeries), yet prices are on the lower end and all cafe profits go to charity. Perfect!

delicious cake at shoreditch bakery

fairy lights in street shoreditch brick work

coffee any style breakfast buns shoreditch

monmouth coffee company bell shoreditch

Shoreditch Scrabble ARB ES

Daytime dating

Last bit. Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve got a daytime date on Saturday and find yourself absolutely lost? – At night there are heaps of places to go, but somehow in the daylight everything looks a little… boring? Try Columbia Road (yap, it’s not a market day, so it’s nice and quiet) and grab a coffee from the coffee corridor! This cute staircase is rather magical, highly undiscovered and to actually get a cup, you have to ring a bell and wait for someone to come down. While you’re sipping your perfect flat white, pop into Nelly Duff to culture it up!

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