LMRE x HubbleHQ: Finding the Perfect Office Environment

Lucy O'Connor
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We sat down with Louisa Dickens, Co-Founder and Director of LMRE, a PropTech recruitment platform, to talk about her company and her experience searching for a new office space for her team. HubbleHQ helped Louisa find the perfect working environment for both her team and clients.

Can you tell me about LMRE? 

Louisa: LMRE is a specialist recruitment firm driven by Proptech and recruitment professionals. We connect the brightest talent with the most innovative PropTech companies globally. Our goal is to be the number one resourcing partner to our key clients across European Proptech.

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How did you hear about HubbleHQ?

Louisa: I used to work with Henry Burn (HubbleHQ Tenant Advisor) and when we moved into the PropTech industry he introduced us to HubbleHQ and also recommended clients for us to work with in the flexible/coworking space such as Fora, TOG and Knotel. We also knew HubbleHQ through various marketing efforts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook

What was the main challenge you were experiencing with your office search?

Louisa: The main challenge was finding an office space that could cater to our needs. As a recruitment company, we need flexibility. We have two businesses, Lloyd May and LMRE, which are both expanding. So, our main challenge was finding a space that could give us the flexibility to grow as our team grows. We also found it difficult to find the right environment for both our employees and our clients. We required a professional but not too corporate environment, where we could interview candidates and also bring in clients throughout the day.

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How did you overcome this challenge? 

Louisa: We spoke to Henry (HubbleHQ Tenant Advisor) who took the time to understand our business, our growth plans and the sort of clients/candidates we want to attract, that would need to appreciate and buy into our office culture.  He really understood what we wanted and gave us some fantastic options, which we hadn’t previously seen or considered.

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What was your overall experience like working with us?

Louisa: Honestly, 10/10. HubbleHQ helped us to find the perfect working environment and they helped us to close the deal within a week. I met Henry for lunch on Monday, he sent a selection of good choices on Tuesday, we viewed the spaces the following day and managed to secure the perfect office with TOG by Friday. Moving offices can be stressful but HubbleHQ makes the process easy and efficient. We are extremely excited about moving into our new office, we have never worked in a coworking environment before. 

Mindspace, 9 Appold St, London EC2A 2AP, UK - 8th floor

What’s next for your company?

Louisa: LMRE is due to expand in the PropTech space and we aim to be the market leader. No doubt with our growth we will be needing a new office soon.

Thanks, Louisa!

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