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Once the dust settled with the pandemic, new workspace trends have constantly emerged.

For example, many companies are opting for part-time offices to significantly save on office rent. While others, like Taskrabbit, have ditched the office altogether in favour of more flexibility.

But for some time now, businesses have given employees the freedom to work from anywhere with on-demand access to workspace. And at Hubble, we make it easy with the Hubble Pass.

The Hubble Pass is a workspace membership that gives teams access to a global network of thousands of amazing coworking spaces to work, meet in person and collaborate.

But what exactly is the Hubble Pass? How does it work? What workspaces can I book, and how do I pay for them?

Below, we demystify everything you need to know about the Hubble Pass — so that you can unleash your employees’ ability to work from anywhere with complete ease.

What is the Hubble Pass?

What type of on-demand spaces can I book with the Hubble Pass?

What are the workspaces on the platform like?

What locations are available via the Pass?

What if I need workspace access in another location?

What are the key benefits to using the Hubble Pass?

Is the Pass suitable for my business?

What are my payment options?

How much does it cost?

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What is the Hubble Pass?

The Hubble Pass is a workspace membership that allows businesses to give their employees on-demand access to a global network of top-quality workspaces whenever they need it. 

You can book on-demand workspace via Hubble in two ways. You can either ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ and pay for workspace on a one-off or ad-hoc basis. Or, you can opt for a Hubble Pass Membership.

But more on that later. Here are the type of workspaces you can book on the Hubble Pass:

What type of on-demand spaces can I book with the Hubble Pass?

Mindspace - Shoreditch

Companies such as Taskrabbit and Olio are using the Hubble Pass to book a variety of on-demand spaces. Here are the types of on-demand spaces your teams can book via a day pass:

The Hubble Pass network comprises a whole host of on-demand collaboration spaces—such as meeting rooms, private day offices, and event space—which your team can book via the platform.

They’re ideal for companies who host regular brainstorming sessions, project kick-offs, offsites and client meetings. 

Your employees can also book on-demand desk space for individual, deep work or to collaborate with their colleagues. When booking a day pass, employees can easily add guests to their booking—making it even easier to work alongside one another. 

What are the coworking spaces on the platform like?

The coworking spaces on the platform are all unique, so the exact facilities on offer in each will vary from place to place. But they’ve all been hand-picked for both their quality and convenience, and will usually offer a wide range of the following amenities:

  • Phone booths
  • Free printing
  • Bars
  • Lightning-fast WiFi
  • Video-enabling conference suites
  • Meditation rooms
  • Creative zones
  • Free coffee
  • Presentation suites
  • Pet-friendly access

What locations are available via the Pass?

The Hubble Pass network currently comprises 1000+ locations (and counting!)—and you and your team can access any of these via your one flexible membership. We published a blog that’s specifically dedicated to the locations available with the Pass—and you can find that here.

Hubble Pass Locations - NY

Keen to access an up-to-date list of every location of the Hubble Pass? You’re in luck. We’ve created one for you!

What if I need workspace access in another location? 

Can’t find your desired location on the extensive list? No problem. Businesses on a Hubble Pass membership will be able to request for a location to be added to our global network—whether it’s in a country where their family resides or a workspace that’s just down the road from their flat.

“Hubble has always gone above and beyond and remains proactive in looking for additional and new ways to support us, including opportunities to support our teams outside of London and outside the UK. They know where we have people and as soon as they source somewhere useful, they are quick to make them instantly and easily accessible for us…including when they sourced new on-demand space in Nairobi!”  Tabatha Bruce, General Counsel at Girl Effect

It’s quick and straightforward; we can activate a new location within 2 weeks.

What are the key benefits to using the Hubble Pass?

In addition to giving teams access to hundreds of on-demand workspaces worldwide, there are a number of key benefits that really make the Hubble Pass a fantastic flexible workspace solution:

  • You can bring teams together for in-person working

Bring your team together to connect, collaborate, and build team culture in-person — without the need for a permanent office.

  • You can give your team the an alternative from WFH

Offer employees alternatives to home working that are convenient for them, where they can be productive and thrive.

  • Your team can easily work on-the-go from any location

Let your team find space to work wherever work takes them, from work trips abroad to a convenient location to work while on the move; your team can work from anywhere, anytime.

  • It’s open and transparent

With the Hubble Pass, there are zero hidden fees.

  • It’s super flexible

As it’s a flexible membership, you can cancel anytime you’d like—giving you the ultimate control over your cash flow and company strategies. To make life easier, we’ll also bill you in one single invoice. 

Is the Pass suitable for my business?

The Hubble Pass is ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Of course, the larger the workforce, the more employees you’ll need to please—and giving them on-demand workspace is a highly effective way of managing this.

With it, employees will genuinely get to work how they want, when they want. It’s this sense of control and empowerment that’ll go a long way in attracting and retaining talent.

Huckletree - West

Here are a few examples of businesses’ policies and priorities that go hand-in-hand with the Hubble Pass:

  • Hybrid companies that want to give their teams the ideal blend of working from the HQ, the home and on-demand coworking spaces
  • Remote-first companies that allow their teams to work from anywhere around the world
  • Office-first companies with employees who can neither work from home nor come into the office
  • Companies looking for an easy way to host regular away days, offsites or events

What are my payment options?

There are two ways you can book and pay for on-demand workspace via Hubble: Pay-As-You-Go or a Hubble Pass Membership. Here are the key differences:

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

If you need on-demand workspace on a one-off or ad-hoc basis, PAYG may be the best option.

This is where you search and book an on-demand workspace at a specific date and time and pay for it in £ (GBP) — not in credits.

That’s it. No minimum spend. It’s as simple as that!

Hubble Pass Membership

If you’re a business with ongoing workspace needs, a flexible membership to the Hubble Pass is your best option.

This membership uses a credits-based booking system. You buy the credits, and your team uses these to book the on-demand workspaces on the platform.

Each credit has a value of £5. The exact number of credits you use per booking will depend on the workspace you opt for. For example, day offices will require a different number of credits than meeting rooms.

This membership is 15% cheaper than a PAYG booking, and businesses must sign up for a subscription payment of a minimum of 100 credits (£500) per month.

How do I get credits?

If a Hubble Pass Membership is more suitable for your organisation, you may be wondering how to buy credits.

We’ve dedicated an entire blog on this, but here’s a quick lowdown to make life easier:

  • Step One: Create your account

The first step you’ll need to take is to create your free account—and you can do this easily here.

  • Step Two: Invite your team

As soon as you have created your account, you’ll be able to invite your team to your organisation. 

  • Step Three: Sign up for your subscription payment of 100 credits (£500) per month

Remember, you can pause or cancel at any time and increase or decrease your plan amount — depending on your usage.

How do I get credits?

While Hubble Pass members will need to sign up for at least 100 credits every month, the exact number of credits you need will depend on your team size and how often they’ll use the Hubble Pass.

It’ll also depend on the type of workspace they book.

While this will vary from space to space, we’ve created a rough pricing guide for your ease. As this is based on recent marketing averages, we’ll be sure to keep this pricing guide up-to-date:

You can use our Hubble Pass Calculator to calculate exactly how many credits your team will need monthly. This will then give you a breakdown of your estimated monthly cost, so you can plan ahead with ease.

Keen to learn more about the Hubble Pass?

Still got questions about the Hubble Pass? No problem.

  • Still confused about Hubble Pass credits? We’ve created a step-by-step guide that’ll help answer your questions.
  • Looking for an extensive list of all our Hubble Pass locations? Just head to our dedicated Notion page where we keep all locations up to date.
  • Wondering how Hubble can help with your company events? Check out our definitive guide to how you can find amazing venues for your team events with the Hubble Pass.

Alternatively, you can head to our Hubble Help Centre where our customer support team have tackled the top questions asked about the Hubble Pass.

About our Flexible Workplace Platform

It’s worth mentioning that the Hubble Pass is just one of our three flagship products. Each one is designed to empower businesses to configure their ideal workplace setup—whether that be via a full-time office, part-time office or access to a global network of on-demand workspace

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