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The Hubble Team
The Hubble Team|

Here at Hubble we like to have some fun; it’s in our nature. We are not ALL about flexible London offices and collaborative workspaces for startups.

So when Lorenz (our summer intern) joined and started bragging about his basketball skills we decided to put him to the test! It all started with us challenging him to a few shots into a waste paper basket and quickly escalated into a 5 storey, impossible shot into a bin below! As we’re no competition for the sporting behemoth of Lorenz, we decided to see if anyone else could beat him – the Paper Toss #OfficeChallenge was born.

office challenge hubble video

The Hubble Office Challenge is a series of challenges laid out by Hubble to the startup community with a simple set of rules.

The Hubble Office Challenge Rules

  1. Respond to the video within 48 hours with another video of your startup undertaking the office challenge.
  2. Upload the video to Facebook, and tag Hubble and #OfficeChallenge in your post so that it’s easy to find.
  3. Nominate a minimum of 2 other startups that you want to humiliate challenge to see if they can do any better.

So without further ado, here is the round 1 challenger video in the Hubble Paper Toss Office Challenge video….

Lorenz’s Top Tips for Office Challenge success

hubble paper toss office challenge

  • Make sure you nominate other startups in the video and by tagging them into your post so they are sure to see your video
  • Tell all your friends to like the video, because the video with the most number of likes on Facebook is the winner and gets all that startup kudos!
  • The more you share your video, the more likely you are to end up at the top of the ‘Cool Startup Office Challenge Leader Board’…!
  • Use other social media channels to promote your video on Facebook

Then sit back and await round 2 of the Hubble Office Challenge.

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