3 Effective Ways to Seriously Reduce the Cost of Your Office

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News flash! You no longer need an office that can hold 100% of your workforce at any one time. Instead, there are other options available that’ll help you save money on your office expenses, all whilst ensuring your team feels happy and productive when they head in.

We at Hubble pride ourselves on our ability to give teams access to great places to work, wherever they are, and there are three key ways we can help you do the same in a cost-effective manner.

  1. Take a smaller office on a flexible lease
  2. Take a part-time office that’s yours on set days of the week
  3. Book flexible workspaces wherever & whenever you need them

Allow us to properly introduce you to the three most effective ways to reduce your office expenses with Hubble.

Cheap Office Alternatives

3 effective ways to seriously reduce your office expenses

🏢 Take a smaller full-time office on a flexible lease

Cheap Office Alternatives

Nobody likes walking into an office and seeing a load of empty desks — it’s a sign that you’re overpaying for an office that’s being underutilised. Sound familiar? Taking a smaller office on a flexible lease could well be the answer.

🔧 How does it work?

By taking an office that can hold a smaller proportion of your workforce, you’ll still have a full-time base for those who want to be able to head into the office on any day of the week, but notice a steadier stream of desk usage throughout the week — and a less punchy price tag!

Chilly’s has done it. Holland & Barrett has done it. As have we at Hubble, and we’re now happily saving 45% on our total office spend.

💸 Why is it cheaper?

Taking a smaller office on a flexible lease is cheaper because the price of your office is determined by the number of desks — so half the number of desks = big time savings.

Find out exactly how much you could expect to pay for a full-time office with Hubble using our Ultimate Office Cost Calculator.

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📜 The pros & cons

The real benefits of taking a smaller office on a flexible lease are that your office utilisation rates will drastically increase and your office costs will decrease.

Just be wary that there will likely be some days that almost everyone would like to use the office. For us at Hubble, that’s our monthly team drinks, so you’ll want to ensure there’s enough breakout space for the team to utilise on busier days.

You can read more about our top considerations when we go to move office right here.

📆 Take a part-time office that’s yours on set days of the week

Cheap Office Alternatives

Looking to enjoy the benefits of in-person working without having to pay out for an underutilised office on certain days of the week? If you are, a part-time office is a great bet.

🔧 How does it work?

It’s a fair question given that we’re the only company offering such a flexible solution right now! Through Hubble, you can access your dream office two or three days a week.

💸 Why is it cheaper?

London’s first part-time office solution is naturally cheaper than a full-time office because you’re going to be using it less of the time!

📜 The pros & cons

The main benefit of taking a Part-Time Office through Hubble is that you can have a stunning office on the days you need it for a fraction of the price. We’re talking up to 65% cost savings versus the cost of a full-time office! And when we say stunning, we mean it, collaborating with only the most premium providers to ensure your workspace is as good as it can be.

This solution therefore really is the ultimate way of ensuring you have access to all the benefits that come with regular in-person working, minus the pain that comes with desk underutilisation and the cost implications of that. Your perfect office work, meet and collaborate, there only when you need it.

🎟 Book workspaces wherever & whenever you need them

Cheap Office Alternatives

If your team is distributed, maybe you won’t benefit from having an office of your own. By utilising on-demand workspaces, though, you can bring out culture, communication and collaboration across your distributed team.

🔧 How does it work?

The Hubble Pass gives you on-demand access to a network of flexible workspaces in over 1,000 locations worldwide, and counting. Coworking desks, private team offices by the day, meeting rooms by the hour, and event spaces, all available wherever and whenever you need them.

💸 Why is it cheaper?

The Hubble Pass is great from a cost perspective as you only pay for the spaces that you use, meaning there’s zero waste and zero commitment.

This is the case because the Hubble Pass runs off of a credits-based system, whereby credits are held at a central level in your company’s pot, topped up either on a monthly or pay-as-you-go basis.

📜 The pros & cons

The Hubble Pass is perfect when you’re looking to bring the team together to share key messages, access inspiring meeting rooms for strategy sessions or client meets, or book coworking spaces wherever and whenever you need to focus, or just want a break from home-working.

From a productivity point of view, this is great because your team is completely equipped to place themselves in the exact environment that works for them. And from a cost point of view, it’s even better.

🧫 Get creative and combine these solutions!

Reading this, you may be realising that you’d probably benefit from a combination of these solutions, and who could blame you? 

Complimenting your full or part-time office with on-demand access to the Hubble Pass is a great way of managing your office expenses and giving your team access to great places to work, wherever they are.

It’ll still cost you less than it would to take a full-time office on a traditional lease, and your entire team will be able to work in the environment that makes them feel happiest and most productive at work — the entire time.

For more information on our flexible workspace solutions, please visit our website or contact anika@hubblehq.com for more information. We are here to help your team thrive.

Cheap Office Alternatives

Introducing: Part-time Offices

Your very own office 1-3 days per week. Save up to 75% compared to a full-time office.

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