How to Manifest Company Culture in Hybrid Environments

Will Langston
Will Langston|

According to The Balance Careers, “company culture refers to the attitudes and behaviours of a company and its employees.” It shapes the way employees interact with one another, the values they hold, and the decisions they make.

There are key benefits to having a solid grasp on your company culture: 

  1. Your employees will enjoy work when their values are consistent with their employer’s
  2. Your employees develop stronger relationships, which in turn will boost productivity

That said, the way organisations work has changed dramatically since COVID hit, with the Office for National Statistics reporting that, today, 51% of employees have flexible working arrangements in place for their current roles.

With this in mind, organisations are being forced to innovate and change the way they attempt to manifest company culture, especially in instances where people are being hired and onboarded in remote settings.

We find this topic fascinating and wanted to pick the brains of SwagUp, one of our Partners, to hear their thoughts on this challenge as a company that strives every day to help their clients connect with the people that matter to them the most.

So, without further ado, here is our conversation with SwagUp:

The Hubble Pass

To kick off, can you tell us a bit about SwagUp?

SwagUp is an API-first platform in the promotional and corporate gifting space. We focus on streamlining how companies create, automate, and distribute company swag to their teams.


What does “company culture” mean to you, and why do you think it’s important?

Company culture is creating an environment where all people feel like they belong. It’s empowering each team member to contribute to the collective wellbeing and energy of the company because they want to, not because they have to.

The best places to work are where people take initiative to contribute to an event, party, hackathon, team-building activity, and so on, without being forced into it.

What are you doing as a company to create that culture in a hybrid environment?


We hosted our first remote Hackathon a few months back, which was a smashing success! Many people in the company formed small teams and spent 48 hours working furiously towards a common goal. It was an incredible example of team bonding.

Creating a space for everyone to bring their best ideas to the table in a hackathon setting showed just how creative people can be at solving problems. It proved that no matter what your role is in the company, everyone should have a seat at the table. Building company culture starts at the top, regardless of where you work.

And finally, what’s next for SwagUp?

We’re focused on delighting our customers! That means building a better web experience for them to order and reorder swag for their companies, expanding partnerships with other startups in the space, and simplifying what we offer as a business.

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