How to Find Tenants for Your Office Space

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When you’ve got a great office space, the best place it can be in is in use. Today, London is home to countless businesses, all who require a place to work in. But when it comes to attracting the office building tenants to fill your spaces, you may find that the process is not as easy as it seems. You want to make sure that your space is hosting the right people for its design, and use your space in a way the optimises its usage and pricing.

To help you out with finding the right people for your office, we’ve come up with a list of things to look out for. We’ll tackle how to find tenants for office spaces, how to find commercial tenants, as well as equip you with tips on how to maximise your space usage. Nowadays, there is no shortage of people who need spaces to work in, but the right office deserves the right people and a stay that is as unique as the space itself.

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Becoming visible in searches


Having the best office space in London means nothing if no one can find you. Nowadays, placing your office space on the internet is the best way to draw attention to it. By taking advantage of Hubble’s online platform, you can advertise your space to thousands of people across London who are looking for a place their company can call home.

To ensure that you rank highly on searches, you’ll want to keep your listing up-to-date. Since our platform favours listings that are frequently updated, and rank them higher than those that haven’t been touched in a while, it’s always beneficial to keep your office space as current as possible. Be sure to add some photos of your space, which will help it rank even higher and reach a wider audience.

Communication is key


While it’s good to ask questions like how to find a tenant quickly, making sure that they’re well looked after is key to making them stay. As hosts of their office space, your role in this is important. No one wants to stay in a building where the landlords are subpar or absent. Make sure that you’re friendly when interacting with your tenants, so that you can ensure that the place that your tenants work in is a place that they love. Not only will that encourage them to stay, but you’ll also be giving yourself a good name for when they do leave, through word of mouth.

Your role in creating a good workspace starts as early as the first viewing. By making sure that you’re prompt, punctual, and professional during viewings, you can make a great first impression that will help keep your office space in mind when a tenant is narrowing down their choices of where they want to go.

Lastly, you can increase the chance of viewing requests by streamlining a potential tenant’s experience. By answering tenant questions before they’re even asked, you are communicating to them that you are willing to take the extra step in making sure that their stay is top-of-the-line. Take advantage of Hubble’s platform, which provides a list of common facilities an office space can have and show off what you can offer to those who move in. It helps to sweeten the deal, and the result can be a long-lasting relationship that benefits both you and your future tenants. 

How much space does your building really have?


When entering your listings, it pays to get creative with what space you really have and to take advantage of the different combinations that can be made using your building. For instance, if you have a space that contains a 20 person office and a 30 person office, you may be tempted to simply list those two and leave it at that. But in actuality, most buildings can be adjusted so that you have more space to work with. In the aforementioned building, that space can be combined to create a 50 person office.

By taking a long look at what you have and how it can be properly utilised, you can create office spaces that appeal to many different tenants. Suddenly, you are able to show your listing not only to giant companies that take up entire floors, or multiple different but smaller companies, creating a coworking space where like-minded people can inspire one another.

Stay connected (with us!)


At Hubble, we work to make sure that our tenants have a great experience, but that also means that we want to hear from the hosts as well. By keeping us in the loop, we can help ensure that a tenant enjoys their stay as best as they possibly can. A happy tenant benefits everyone.

Staying connected also comes with a list of benefits for you. Since we regularly launch new features and are always in the process of making our system even better, we want to work with our best performing hosts so that our upcoming launches are as smooth as possible. By staying connected, you’ll be first in line to see what’s new on our platform, which will give you a leg up on the competition. It benefits you and us at the same time – the best of both worlds!

How’s your pricing?


Sometimes, it can be easy to get stuck with questions of how to find tenants in London for your office space, which causes you to miss important details that might be preventing your space from being seen, such as your pricing.

Depending on your advertised office space, there is an average tenant search price. If your listing is higher than what this number is, it’s possible that your office space isn’t even ranking in search.

To ensure that you’re at the right price point for your space, simply reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you find the price that’s right for your space and your search.

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Thinking of establishing a new space?


Sometimes, it can be beneficial to branch out, establishing a new space so that you have even more to offer. Today, London is home to a dizzying array of unique offices, but that doesn’t mean that every place has an office, ready for businesses to thrive in.

For those who want to establish a new place, these popular postal codes are currently ripe for development: SE1, NW1, E1, and EC1M.

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