How to Effectively Scale a Workforce

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You’ve spent years growing your business. Things have taken off, and now you’re ready to hire more people to achieve your greater strategic vision. But where to begin?

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Effectively scaling a team is about more than just sending offer letters to top candidates. It encompasses a myriad of factors from the physical environment of your office space to the technology tools used to connect your team. Regardless of the route you choose, there are a few key elements to keep in mind:

Create an environment that’s primed for growth

Some of the world’s most recognisable brands have made a splash due to their awe-inspiring office design; attracting hopeful candidates from far and wide. Take Google’s Zurich office, for example (widely noted as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world). Their office is built around comfort and convenience for their growing workforce: it’s complete with multiple kitchens, micro-conference rooms, an aquarium and library— and oh, yeah, that multi-story giant slide employees can use to get down to the lower levels for lunch. The offices of Lego in Billund, Denmark combine functional collaborative spaces (enclosed meeting rooms, conference areas, etc.) with larger-than-life office design and “Fun Zones” designed to evoke the sort of childlike wonder necessary for the development of their product line. 

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But these are some of the world’s most powerful companies – what about the startups and SMEs who aren’t (yet) household names? The selection or design of new office space is a critical period of growth for scrappy businesses looking to take things to the next level. Many entrepreneurs turn to serviced offices as the solution to work flexibly and grow the business while sharing office space with like-minded business owners. The ability to network can lead to valuable knowledge transfer and potential business relationships, while the stability of an available workspace provides the framework to grow while keeping costs down.


In London and the surrounding areas, there are many cool office spaces for growing startups. From well-known brands such as WeWork and TOG, to more boutique and independent providers, there are plenty of dynamic coworking and traditional office spaces that serve to inspire and engage bright young minds to transform their great business idea into a thriving brand that attracts other talented individuals.

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Many younger companies also increase the agility and scalability of their business by hiring remote workers. The future of work is becoming increasingly more distributed through the prevalence of mobile devices and collaboration technology that helps virtual and physical employees communicate. No longer is your business limited to talent within a relatively small geographical distance. Now, you can hire beyond borders and ensure your business has the right resources to scale. 

Give employees the tools they need to excel

Proper HR doctrine is necessary to retain and engage a workforce, especially during tumultuous periods of growth and organisational change. Many companies have turned to human capital management (HCM) theory for strategies that take a holistic view of the employee life-cycle: from workforce planning to performance management. These best practices are often supported by HCM software tools, which aim to provide a technological framework for success, both from a business standpoint and an employee’s professional development.

Access to real-time employee data eliminates bottlenecking caused by manual reporting or inaccurate intelligence. Your business can make critical, future-proof hiring and retention decisions that can have a big impact on your evolving team.


Learn from others who have done the same

Scaling a business and workforce is no mean feat. There are numerous potential scenarios and obstacles to bear in mind, many of which you may not have even considered until…well, they’ve happened. Fortunately, whilst the journey may be tough, there are endless examples of ambitious and successful businesses out there who have been through the scaling process before, from whom there are many lessons to be learned. At Hubble, we’ve experienced many of the growing pains of a scaleup ourselves, which is why we’ve decided to document the journey in the form of a series. Check out our interviews with our co-founders: Tom, CTO and Tushar, CEO who give fascinating insights into their experiences of scaling so far.

Think ahead

Companies grow – and in doing so, will also outgrow a physical space or an established process or business strategy.  Whether your company is looking for new office space or searching for a more efficient way to manage a growing workforce, the decisions you make now have a far-reaching impact. That said, emerging technology is levelling the playing field for corporate giants and scrappy startups alike. The future belongs to those who plan for it and take action. Make your company one of them.


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