The Best Slack Integrations to Automate Your Office Processes

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Save time with our top pick of the handiest Slack apps, bots, and integrations for automating daily processes.


Offices aside, there are two things we’re utterly obsessed with here at HubbleHQ—automation, and Slack. When it comes to managing a team and an office, it’s the little things that count right? However, it’s the build-up of up those little things that tend to take a lot of time. Enter Slack integrations—your friendly team collaboration platform that’s chock-full of apps and bots to automagically save you time on those daily office tasks. So, to get you started, we’ve conjured up the best Slack integrations to automate processes.

The best Slack integrations to automate frequently asked questions

What’s the wifi password? Do we take bank holidays? These are just some of the questions you might find yourself answering time and time again. Thankfully, these Slack apps will do the answering for you and give your team the information they need. 


Spoke uses AI to auto-resolve frequently asked questions. All your team has to do is tag @spoke on Slack and ask what they need to know—the app will answer the question using the information it has gathered and if it doesn’t have the answer, only then will it pass the request on to you. According to their website, Spoke auto-resolves more than 40% of requests using AI, and the more you use Spoke, the smarter the machine learning gets. We’re not surprised to hear that brands like Glossier, Allbirds, and Evernote have Spoke in their Slack must-haves. 


Get started with Spoke for Slack


Obie also uses artificial intelligence to answer questions and connects to your Google Drive or Dropbox to link to documents that help to answer team queries. We really like Obie’s request report feature—with the click of a button, you can get a full run-down of the most commonly asked questions within a certain timeframe, which helps you to make informed decisions on the internal information that needs to be documented next. Sign us up!


Get to know Obie

The best Slack integrations to automate team feedback

A happy team makes a great company, there’s no doubt about it. But how do you know if they’re happy? These Slack integrations help you to keep track of your team’s mood, opinions, and ideas to make your company culture even better. 


Really simply, Oskar checks in with your team every day and asks them to rate their mood from 1 😫 to 5 😻. Everyone’s mood is then shared with the team, so they can rally round anyone who’s more on the 1–2 scale. It’s a really easy way to get your team talking about mental health, plus it helps you to take care of your team as individuals and put things in place to get their mood back up to a solid 5. 


Introduce Oskar to your team


If daily check-ins feel too much, try Leo. Every week, Leo asks your team questions that help to measure how they’re feeling about the company (e.g. How often do you get feedback for your work?) Your team can submit their answers anonymously and Leo reports team satisfaction in real-time, giving you a chance to spot trends and make any changes (or celebrate successes). You can also send praise to star-players in your business and build relationships with your team, just like those at Disney, Apple, and Buffer. 


Sign my team up to Leo

Simple Poll

Whether it’s getting feedback about processes, or simply putting the vote out on what to get for lunch on Friday, Simple Poll does exactly what it says on the tin, all within Slack. We use it all the time here at HubbleHQ and it has helped to resolve the seemingly unresolvable on more than one occasion. 

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The best Slack integrations to automate team onboarding

A recent study by Glassdoor showed that a strong onboarding process can improve team retention by up to 82% which only helps to back up the benefits that come with making your new team members feel welcome. When it comes to onboarding, it’s all in the detail, and some of those details live in Slack. 


Aloha shows your new person the ropes around Slack and how your team uses its channels, features, and integrations in the best way possible. Basically, it’s a Slack how-to, on Slack. 


Say “aloha’ to Aloha

Slack Onboarding Workflow Builder

Okay, so this technically isn’t an integration, but it’s worth mentioning. Slack has developed a workflow that helps you to automate the onboarding process. For example, when a new member joins the company Slack, the onboarding bot will link them to important docs and ask them a little bit about themselves to share with the team. slackonboardingworkflow.png

Get Slack’s onboarding workflow builder


The CharlieHR Slack integration has loads of features (more on that later) but for onboarding, it simply lets your whole team know that someone new will be starting today. All they have to do is make them feel welcome. 


Take me to CharlieHR’s Slack app


Team chemistry is the stuff of culture magic, but it doesn’t just happen with the wave of a wand. The Icebreakers app asks your newbie questions that help the rest of your team get to know them better (eg: What’s your favourite book? If you could have a superpower, what would it be?) They also have a paid version that sends questions to all of your existing team members, so your new person can learn more about them too. A couple of questions and some common favourites later, they’ll be work besties in no time. 


Download Icebreakers for Slack


One of our Slack go-tos—Donut randomly pairs up two people from your team to go for coffee (and donuts, of course). For new-starts, it really takes away that first-week pressure, and for existing team members, it enables individuals in different departments to get to know one another. 

Let’s go for coffee and donuts

Lunch Buddies

This one’s similar to Donut, but with more people (and more food). Lunch Buddies randomly creates groups of your team to take their lunch break together. For a new person, it easily introduces them to other people, plus it shows that lunch al-desko is a no-go (which only says good things about your company culture.)

Join the lunch club

The best Slack integrations for sharing data insights

Every business nowadays relies on data in some shape or form. Make sure your business’ key data insights are easy for everybody to access by integrating them seamlessly into your company Slack.


Geckoboard allows you to bring metrics from 60+ data sources together into easy-to-read dashboards that people actually look at. Schedule daily screenshots of your dashboards to Slack channels and spark conversations around your most important numbers. Data sources include lots of well known tools such as Zendesk, Google Analytics, Salesforce and Google Sheets. It’s a great tool for any team and is particularly popular for sharing Customer Support, Marketing, Product, Sales, and high level company metrics.

P.S. There’s a free version where you can build one dashboard using data from a spreadsheet—perfect for giving Geckoboard a go!

Download Geckoboard

The best Slack integrations to automate meetings

Who, when and where—three factors that should come easily, but don’t always work out that way. If you’ve ever had a meeting about a meeting or took part in the time-slot-tango, these Slack integrations do the legwork for you. 


Meeting up with your colleagues using the Hubble Pass just got even easier. We’ve now made it possible for you to integrate your Hubble Pass account with your company Slack, so you can see when and where your teammates plan to work.

Set up Hubble integration

Doodle Bot

Sometimes, it feels impossible to set a time that suits everyone’s schedule. Doodle Bot allows you to invite team members to a meeting with multiple-choice time slots. Right there in Slack, they vote for the best option.


Get Doodle Bot Meeting Scheduling

The Meeting Bot is like having your own machine-powered personal assistant. Ask the app to set up a meeting with a fellow teammate and Amy or Andrew (the bots) will dig into your calendars, find a time that suits you both and will even book the meeting for you.

Meet your new assistant bots

Google Calendar

Pair your team’s Google Calendars with Slack so they can send invites, get a daily run-down of what’s on their calendar, set their status when they’re in a meeting and even get reminders for when meetings are about to start.


Pair up Google Calendar and Slack

The best Slack integrations to automate time management

Time management is a skill that comes with experience, but thanks to Slack, your to-do list has been given a digital upgrade with these easy-to-use apps. 


The Todoist integration is a little more advanced—it allows you to add specific labels and projects to your tasks from Slack and tick off those that are complete. You can also assign tasks to others straight from Slack and transfer messages to specific Todoist projects for further info. 


Take me to Todoist


In their own words, this is a “task-based time tracking app that helps companies manage their projects, track working times, measure productivity and create accurate timesheets.” Each person in your team can keep track of their tasks and as a company, you’ll be able to get a full overview of productivity. If time-based pricing is your thing, this one’s a winner. 


Track your time here


Harvest is similar to the TrackingTime app, with a bonus feature—your team can check on each other’s timers so they know not to disturb someone who’s in the zone. 


Get Harvest here


The ClickUp integration lets you create and manage tasks directly in Slack. You can turn Slack messages into ClickUp tasks, comments, or simply add them to your notepad! When ClickUp task links are posted in a channel, they’ll instantly showcase details. Once you unfurl a task in Slack, you can change its status, assignee, priority, due date, tags, and more! 

Get ClickUp for Slack

The best Slack integrations to automate expenses

With January 31st  on the horizon, we’ve got tax returns on our minds. However, with these Slack integrations, we’re actually quite looking forward to it (yes, really). 


Say goodbye to rummaging through desk drawers and hello to a new age of keeping those receipts. With Rydoo, your team can take photos of their receipts straight away, upload them to Slack where the app will read all the info and store it in a company-wide file. 


File receipts with Rydoo


Looking to take your expense tracking to the next level? This one’s golden if you have a bigger team. With ExpenseTron, your team can file expenses, upload photos of their receipts, get approval from senior management and even send a nudge if they need a quick answer. Plus, it automatically connects to bookkeeping apps like Xero and Quickbooks. 

Get ExpenseTron for Slack

The best Slack integrations to automate holidays and time off

Keep track of who’s off, who’s where and who’s in the office with these Slack integrations for HR teams. 


TimeBot gives your team the tools to make time-off requests within Slack, but that’s not all. It automatically updates their status when they’re out-of-office, updates them on who’s off in their team and also gives them info on how many holiday days they have left for the year. Managers can have a full overview of attendance and holiday requests for easier planning.


Get started with TimeBot


The CharlieHR app sends you a snapshot of what’s happening in your business to Slack every morning—from who’s away and who’s sick, to key dates and birthdays. Your team can also send and approve time-off requests on Slack with the touch of a button. 

Power up with Charlie and Slack

Slack’s just one of the ways to make everyone more productive and add to your company culture, these are just some of the apps that help to make that happen. With automation, you can easily save your team time, so they can get back to doing what they do best.

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