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For all the latest data, insights and trends on leased office space from Q1 2020, download the Rent Guides – our detailed, data-driven snapshot of London’s office rent landscape for leased and serviced offices.

The guide can answer some of your most pressing questions around the cost of leased office space, point you in the right direction and help you decide what’s best for your team and budget – oh, and it’s completely free!


For more established businesses looking for private occupation of a workspace over a medium to longer-term, leased offices may be the best option. Not only do these spaces provide greater control over costings, but their exclusive nature allows businesses to truly own their internal culture and accelerate company success.

There are two different types of leasehold agreements; short-form and long-term leases. For businesses strategising for the long-term, it’s typical to commit to a space for a five to ten-year term and acquire legal advice when drawing up the contract. On the other hand, short-form leases act as a flexible alternative and terms can start anywhere from 18 months to three years.

Although more complex than a license, businesses can take full advantage of the benefits lease contracts can bring. Cost-effectiveness. Greater legal protection. Personal branding. Want to learn more about leased offices and whether they’re right for you? Check out our ultimate guide to leased offices.


Typically, leased spaces are delivered in CAT A condition. This means tenants are in total control over the fit out; from furnishing the premises to installing facilities like WiFi and security. But at HubbleHQ, we’ve also seen a growing trend in leased offices that come fully-fitted.

Just like a serviced office, these CAT A+ office spaces are equipped with WiFi, utilities and furniture – designed to take the hassle out of your big office move. This way, you’ll pay a slight premium on the rent but have no fit-out project, can move in almost immediately and have no dilapidations liability at the end of the term.

Sound good? Take a look at some of HubbleHQ’s favourite leased offices below!

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Seven Dials – 4 Ching Court


If you’re keen to get your business up and running as quickly as possible, then 4 Ching Court is a perfect choice. With three brand new, design-led plug & play suites, tenants can wave goodbye to the fit-out stressors and focus on the things that matter. Each floor provides 8 desks, breakout space, useful storage solutions and plenty of opportunities to brand the space as your own.

Import Building


Import Building is also perfect for businesses looking for a swift lead time to occupation. In this newly transformed contemporary building, businesses can be fully operational from the word go. The 650,000 sq ft space comes with WiFi, furniture, shower facilities and cleaning services, making it a high-quality yet cost-efficient lease offering.

The Crown Estate – Charles II Street

20191205_CM_BG_14-16CharlesIIStreet_043 (1)

Situated in the heart of St James’s, this fully-fitted, spacious building benefits from excellent communication links with Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross and Green Park stations. Its fantastic amenities include a built-in kitchen, reception area and meeting rooms to ensure your business is always kept a well-oiled machine.

The Langham Estate – 19 Margaret Street


The Langham Estate offers all that you could ever need. After grabbing a coffee from the breakfast bar, you can touch base with your team in the glass-walled meeting room, or head out to the vibrant local eateries for a little team-bonding. Heading home is easy, as Oxford Circus station is just a three-minute walk away. So, what are you waiting for?

Soho Estates – 32 Old Compton Street


Situated in the bustle of Central Soho, this space is a perfect choice for businesses that champion employee wellbeing. The large, victorian windows invite in plenty of natural light and fresh air, and its pet-friendly access allows tenants to appreciate the health benefits our furry-friends give. Oh, and did we mention there’s a sushi restaurant downstairs?

Luma – 330 Clapham Road


Luma offers a spacious, modern and contemporary office pocketed in-between Stockwell and Clapham North Stations. You can immediately make use of its fantastic amenities such as mailing addresses, 24-hr access and two meeting rooms, free of charge.

100 St John Street


Located in one of London’s most central locations, 100 St John Street offers a self-contained entrance and large, open plan floor plates with exposed finishes to suit all businesses. For a minimum of five years, tenants can truly feel at home in this space. It offers disabled access, a roof terrace and shower facilities to ensure your team’s needs are always met.


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