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9 areas of London you didn’t know you could rent cheap office space

The HubbleHQ Team
The HubbleHQ Team|Updated October 17th 2019

For many startups and freelancers, the idea of renting an office or desk space in central London seems like a cray cray pipe dream – it is WAY too expensive and you could only afford a space in deepest darkest of Pret-free suburbs. Well think again, with a bit of careful hunting you can find cheap office space in some of the most desirable areas of the city.

Whether you want to hang out with the creative hipster types in East London offices or you want to schmooze with those in high places in the offices of West London, there ARE cheap desk options available!

Get ready – we’re going bargain hunting!


1. Clerkenwell

It would seem that from undesirable warehouses, creativity (and hipsters) grow. Clerkenwell was once one of those places that you avoided because your life most probably depended on it. However it has since been transformed into one of the hippest, coolest, coffee-snob-filled zones of London.

Full of design agencies, architects and more coffee shops, cocktail bars and gastro pubs than you could ever possibly need, Clerkenwell is the perfect location for any creative. And despite achieving ‘Uber’ on the coolness ranking scale, you can still afford to rent a desk here.

Try G.O.D. Village for a range of flexible hot desking options. The Holborn Viaduct offices provide a Virtual Office service as part of the rental fee, helping reduce the annoying admin work that comes with running a business. You can rent a desk for as little as £150 pp/pm.

10 areas of London you didn't know you could rent cheap office space

2. Islington

We love Islington for its fantastic independent bars and restaurants and the fact that you can ride on the longest escalator in the Underground at Angel. There are a lot of theatres and bars showing live music in this area so you will never be short of things to do after work.

10 areas of London you didn't know you could rent cheap office space

Try Net.Works. Islington for cheap desk options. They offer hot desking options as well as permanent desks and private offices. You can rent a desk here for the small sum of £199 pp/m.

3. Shepherd’s Bush

If the idea of wandering around a Westfield shopping centre every lunchtime is your idea of heaven, then Shepherd’s Bush is where you should be renting. Its central location and fantastic public transport links means it is easy to commute to so getting to those meetings on time won’t be an issue. 

10 areas of London you didn't know you could rent cheap office space

If you’re in the creative and tech industries then take a look at Link West. This affordable office brings together up and coming businesses working in these areas to encourage networking and partnerships. Desks range from just £139 pp/m.

4. Bayswater

Nestled in the comforts of west London and next door to the highly desirable Notting Hill, you wouldn’t expect to find affordable office space in Bayswater. Oh yes you can!

10 areas of London you didn't know you could rent cheap office space

Between the hours of 10.30 and 22.30, the DeskNinjas take over a space in a Grade II Georgian hotel in Bayswater. Just a short walk to Hyde Park, this is a relaxed office environment with no contracts or deposits required. Desks from £150 pp/m.

5. Chelsea

There’s more to Chelsea than fake tans and espresso martinis. Although you could probably think of 10 reasons not to rent office space in West London, it IS home to some of the most successful firms in London. This is the place to be if you want to flourish with the high and mighty, and the good news is that you don’t have to conduct your business from a street bench. You can afford a whole desk!


The Workary offers both fixed and hot desks to entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses, starting at just £65 pp/month!

6. Highbury

If the ideas of brunch, jogging in parks and cozy pubs appeals then venture slightly further north to Highbury. This area of London is known for being one of the richer parts of the city but the good news is that you can still afford to rent here.

Rent a cheap office in North London areas you didn't know you could get cheap office space

St Mark’s Studios is a beautifully refurbished listed building in North London with all the mod cons of high quality managed workspace to accommodate smaller businesses. Rent an 11 person private office here for £312 pp/m. There are other sized offices available.

7. Southbank

Work in the heart of one of London’s most active and vibrant areas, surrounded by art, performance, music and an incredible range of bars and restaurants. This central location is fantastic for any start up business.

10 areas of London you didn't know you could rent cheap office space

Located close to London Bridge and the Borough Market, Universal Workspace is a bright and airy co-working office with a bookable meeting room and relaxed breakout spaces. You can choose from communal desks or have a dedicated space to call your own. From £160 pp/m.

8. Elephant and Castle

Having recently gone through a period of gentrification, Elephant and Castle has become one of London’s most sought after areas in which to live and work. There are innumerable small bars and great restaurants, but sadly no actual elephant 😦

10 areas of London you didn't know you could rent cheap office space

The Artworks is a creative hub with a printer, performance space, art gallery and yoga room. They offer a coworking space with hot desks and you will work surrounded by some of the artiest folk in London. From £180 pp/m.

With so many affordable office spaces, there’s no excuse to continue working from home. Check out the cheap office spaces here!


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