7 incredible offices you’ll want to move into

Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

We all know about the wacky offices of Google and Facebook. If anything, they’ve become a tech industry trope. But there are some incredibly creative office spaces out there, and we can’t help but be a little tempted…



London, UK

Moo truly represents its brand in an office space inspired by a printer’s swatch palette. Working in such a bright space, surrounded by your product is a great way to motivate employees. Not only is every room themed around a different colour, but the stationery cupboard must be amazing!

Biggest perk: easy to remember the room name

Biggest risk: spending the afternoon covering things with stickers “to test the product”

Colourful Moo offices reception
Moo offices and colour storage yellow green and blue

Via Office Snapshots

Selgas Cano

Madrid, Spain

We love London, but occasionally swapping Shoreditch for the Sherwood forest is tempting. Selgas Cano have done just that, building their glass office tunnel in the woods in Madrid. The office inside is equally stylish, with a split white and green floor marking out desk space and corridor in the open plan space.

Biggest perk: natural light – it’s amazing how much more awake it makes you feel!

Biggest risk: not being able to hear yourself think when it rains

Glass office space in a forest
More views of the Selgas Cano beautiful outdoor office

Via Arch Daily

Bullitt Centre

Seattle, US

It might not look like the most amazing office you’ve ever seen, but it’s actually the greenest commercial building in the world. It’s powered by solar panels, runs on rainwater and even composts its own sewage. Yet they didn’t skimp on design or location – the view is stunning and, whilst not a radical design innovation, the offices are sleek and open.

Biggest perk: saving the planet

Biggest risk: not bringing your coffee in a reusable cup

Wooden panelled office in the Bullitt Centre
Solar panels and bike racks at the Bullitt Centre

Via Bullitt Centre

Bahnhof ‘White Mountain’

Stockholm, Sweden

The clue is in the name – it’s in a mountain! Well, actually, it’s a cave 100ft below Stockholm. But the main thing is it looks like an evil supervillain lair and we want it. Now.

Biggest perk: inspiring environment and Bond villain credentials

Biggest risk: claustrophobia, lack of natural light and people not believing where you work

Office space in an underground cave
Cave office space entrance

Via Actually Blog

Nothing Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We thought cardboard boxes were just for moving in, but Dutch creative agency Nothing made their whole office out of them. And it’s mighty impressive. The range of workspaces created suit all needs – from group spaces to individual desks, as well as a meeting rooms. We also love the tiny details – doodles around plug sockets and and skirting boards.

Biggest perk: finding all the quirks and details; it’s a beautiful office!

Biggest risk: let’s just say we hope that cardboard mezzanine’s sturdy…

Office made of cardboard
Cardboard plug socket and desk

Via Creative Review


Pittsburgh, US

Office disputes solved with a duel – whoever loses walks the plank! Inventionland has a huge range of creative workspaces from a fairytale castle to a racing track. The theory is that these spaces will inspire playfulness and creativity – just what’s needed for inventing new products

Biggest perk: endless fun and an inability to get bored in the workplace

Biggest risk: spending the afternoon playing pirates instead of working

Pirate ship office space
Castle and treehouse office space at Inventionland

Via Impressive Magazine


London, UK

What makes it so awesome? Ping pong table, DJ booth, smoothie maker, unlimited snacks, free Red Bull + beer, and some great tech/music/media companies to share with (including Mixcloud, JustGo, Pitch’d and Open Ear Music). Working in a dynamic space with other innovative startups help people generate new ideas and share experience. Plus, there’ll always be someone in the office who shares your taste in music!

Fancy it? You can actually move in now!

Biggest perk: great teams to work alongside making a brilliant office atmosphere

Biggest risk: having to buy a round after losing the office ping pong league

Table tennis table and beer fridge in mixcloud office
Mixcloud wall graphics


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