14 Studio Spaces for Artists, Filmmakers, and Musicians

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Anybody who has worked in an industry, workplace, or office that demands daily creativity knows that not every space is great for getting the productivity that you need in order to complete your projects.

We’re all familiar with the image of the aspiring artist, quietly working at home in a dark room, surrounded by dozens of take-out boxes and empty coffee cups. But you may be surprised at how much more effectively you can work in a studio space that is designed to fuel your creativity, inspiring you to do the work you love. The best part is that renting London studios to feed your creative juices is now easier than ever.

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Creative Spaces to Focus

As a professional artist, filmmaker, or musician, the best part about having a studio to yourself is that you have a personal space to work that is not your house, apartment, or the local coffee shop. Studio spaces are designed and decorated to facilitate productivity. While it’s nice to work at home, you may find that the creative juices don’t flow as well when you are working in the same place you eat, sleep, shower, and relax in. In a studio space designed for creating, you’re free from unneeded distractions, while everything you need to work is close by.

For the budding artist, musician, and filmmaker, studio spaces mean that the space around you is optimised for your work and your projects. The environment works for you, rather than against you, keeping you from the urge to scroll through your Facebook feed, watch cat videos, or clean your house and attend to your everyday chores. It’s your own personal creative heaven.

Find the studio space that suits your work.


For our illustrators, designers, and creative minds, these studios for artists in London are hyper-modern with aesthetics unique to each location, helping you fuel your everyday productivity.

The Textile Building

Location: Hackney


Originally a factory for the production of trench coats, this space is perfect for a team of creative minds to get their foot in the door. With a cafe where you can get your morning caffeine boost and a gym for when you’ve been sitting for far too long, this space is sleek, chill, and professional. Plus, you get to say that you’re working in a place that once produced trench coats for Burberry, because why not?

Private offices starting from £1,620.00/month.

DIG Space

Location: Farringdon


For those who want everything under a single studio space, DIG Space brings you the opportunity to collaborate side-by-side with other brilliant digital media companies. The amazing roof terrace offers jaw-dropping views and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for when you’re brainstorming your next project. As a bonus, pets are allowed for those who enjoy working with their furry friends close by!

Fixed desks starting at £400 pp/month.


Location: Temple


Makerversity is an amazing shared office space down by the waterfront. It’s a coworking space that brings together creative and technical expertise into a single location. Work, play, and get inspired in a 24/7 space that aspires to bring the newest generation of creativity to the forefront of London.

Hot desks and fixed desks for rent starting at £200 pp/month.

Greenhouse N16

Location: Newington Green


Ever wanted to work in a garden? Ever thought about it? Greenhouse N16 is a completely unique studio for rent in London. With its nature-focused aesthetic that aspires to breed creativity with tranquility, working becomes relaxing. Mix in yoga classes and you’ve got a space that simply inspires the artist in you.

Hot desks and fixed desks for rent starting at £150 pp/month.

King’s Place Music Foundation

Location: King’s Cross


Don’t be fooled by its name, this space is a hub for all artists. Here, artists, literature geeks, musical organisations, and charities all find their home in a location conveniently close by both King’s Cross and St Pancras stations. The office space contains everything from galleries, restaurants, and concert halls so that you’re part of a wider community of like-minded individuals every bit as multifaceted as you.

Rent fixed desks starting at £420 pp/month.

Arebyte Studios

Location: Poplar


We all know that creativity waits for no one. There’s no better place to find it than in Arebyte Studios, an affordable and hyper-modern co-working studio space for rent that’s perfect for artists, designers, and creatives looking for a place to work. Its 24/7 access allows you to come and go when your creativity demands it, and an abundance of natural light brings a comfortable, airy atmosphere to work in.

Fixed desks and private offices start at £200 pp/month.

Umbrella Studios

Location: Farringdon


Umbrella Studios is home to the first co-working agency, and its status has let it age like a fine wine. Located a mere 100m from Farringdon station, this studio for rent has a warm and bright aesthetic, perfect for your inspiring your creative minds.

Hot desks and fixed desks for rent starting at £75 pp/month.


Lights, camera, and action! These creative film studios contain workplaces and equipment meant for the budding filmmaker.

Crixus Studio

Location: Woolwich


For filmmakers, having a space where everything is accessible does wonders for your productivity. The studio space of Crixus Studios is located in a creative warehouse housed by film set designers, fashion designers, potters, and artists, so that like-minded people are always close by. Renting a desk at this location comes with desk storage, lock up storage, free parking, and full use of the studio for your projects.

Fixed desks available starting £300 pp/month.

Anomalous HQ

Location: Angel


Anomalous HQ takes advantage of its location next door to a commercially available studio/cinema/showroom and brings together filmmakers, photographers, and other creatives into a single space. Here, you’ll be co-working with teams that specialize in imagery, so you’re always close by like-minded individuals.

Fixed desks starting at £330 pp/month.

Studio 212

Location: Shoreditch


Open-plan, affordable, chic. These are the words that Studio 212 uses to describe itself. It’s a shared space consisting of freelancing multidisciplinary creatives. If you’re looking for an office space that fits your creative mind, this space is dedicated to you.

Fixed desks for rent starting at £197 pp/month.

The Shoreditch Arch

Location: Shoreditch


As the original Shoreditch co-working space, this studio for rent contains a community of PR, Tech, Music, and Film professionals located in the creative heart of Shoreditch. Its cove aesthetic and meeting rooms equipped with pool tables, sofas, sound systems, and flat screen presentation TVs give it a unique atmosphere that works to fuel your creativity and work habits.

Private offices available for rent starting at £1,250/month.


Ever worked in a studio for musicians? These studio spaces contain all the equipment that you need for a team of musicians to perform their magic and create their works.

Music Studio Share

Location: Poplar


For those looking for a fully equipped recording studio, Music Studio Share gives you a quiet space to work combined with the stunning vista of the River Thames. With free parking spaces and a location conveniently by multiple transportation links, this recording studio brings you everything in one great package.

Private office starts at £350 pp/month.

Mixcloud HQ

Location: Shoreditch


Mixcloud HQ is an awesome office space for rent that combines a bright aesthetic with music and creativity. There’s a ping-pong table, DJ booth, smoothie maker, unlimited healthy snacks, and free Red Bull and beer in a space shared with other like-minded tech and music companies. Do we even need to go on about this place?

Fixed desks starting at £350 pp/month.

Ministry of Sound

Location: Elephant & Castle


This massive studio space is perfect for those looking for a co-working space where they can work on their music. With four full meeting rooms, plenty of breakout space, a breakfast bar, and a gym, working in this place is like working in luxury.

Fixed desks available starting at £325 pp/month.

studios-spaces-aspiring-creative 2.jpg

While there’s something romantic about working late night hours at home, wearing your PJs and surrounded by empty food boxes, having a space that is suited to your work does wonders for your productivity. Finding hyper-modern office spaces built to serve you and your work isn’t out of reach as a freelancing artist, filmmaker, or musician. It’s time people took advantage of that.

For all spaces available in London, browse our full listings and find the perfect studio space for your work.

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