10 of the Most Eco-Friendly Office Spaces in London

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

In this day and age, it’s hard to deny that we’re in a state of climate emergency. You only need to switch on the news or scroll through social media to know that the planet is warming and as a result, change is happening.

With reusable shopping bags and plant-based milk acting as popular home remedies, what does it mean when a business becomes environmentally conscious? We’ll show you.

Onsite composting, solar panels and an abundance of plants are just some office features designed to be a little softer on Mother Nature. These eco-friendly offices take sustainability to a whole new level:




The ultimate upcycling project, Containerville in East London is made up of 110 colourful shipping containers that have been transformed into state-of-the-art eco-friendly offices. With each container able to comfortably house six people, Containerville is perfect for companies looking to stay green while scaling as a business.

Gramophone Works


Located in the West End, Gramophone Works has been built with sustainably at its very core; from its photovoltaic power generation down to the timbre terrace structures. If that wasn’t enough, the building also includes energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to ensure that whatever the weather, Mother Nature is always kept in mind. 

Creative Works


If you’re a company that’s looking for some inspiration, Creative Works is the place. The innovative workspace has been fully-refurbed to include sustainable materials made by local craftsmen; 50% of their furniture is made from reclaimed wood and 62% derives from recycled materials. 

Karma Kitchen


An expansive green office space just a stone’s throw away from Bethnal Green, Karma Kitchen is always looking for more ways to be sustainable. From offering onsite composting to cycling amenities as well as cutting down its plastic and food miles, this office space is constantly evolving to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Second Home – Spitalfields


Located in East London, Second Home has social purpose ingrained in its DNA. The building uses 100% green energy and minimises its carbon footprint by reusing old buildings wherever possible, rather than building from scratch. Environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable technologies are also used throughout, helping companies keep their environmental impact to a minimum.



This workspace takes the greenhouse out of gas. The converted warehouse is open, light and never shy of a few potted plants to improve air quality and team productivity.  If you’re a creative company, check out Greenhouse. It combines collaborative spaces with the latest eco-friendly materials to provide businesses with the environment they need to grow.

The Food Exchange


Certified clean and green, The Food Exchange has been awarded BREEAM Excellent certification, acknowledging it as one of the greenest office spaces in London. Companies basing themselves here can rest assured that they’re keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum.

Wotton Works


A sustainable landlord, Wotton Works specialises in designing and remodelling existing buildings to reduce their environmental impact and avoid wasteful demolition. Found in the North West of the capital, this office space makes use of recycled and sustainable materials to its full advantage. 

TOG – White Collar Factory


While a new building, TOG – White Collar Factory sits inside one of the most eco-friendly buildings in London. The building’s owners Derwent claim the sustainability measures that reduce their carbon footprint equates to 5,600 journeys of the entire London Underground or flying a Boeing 747 from London to New York 162 times. Businesses basing themselves here can be sure beyond doubt that they’re minimising their carbon contributions.

Knotel – Hatfields


Seen as one of London’s most sustainable buildings, Knotel’s Hatfields is powered by 100% renewable energy sources. Its solar roof panels account for over 90% of the hot water required for the building, making this a perfect choice for businesses who want go-green in 2020.

So, keep up with the times and find your perfect eco-friendly office today!


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