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Our Workplace Strategy Tool is a free-to-use questionnaire and personalised results dashboard, designed to help you find out how and where your employees want to work. This enables you to find the right balance between remote working and office time for your team.

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How will the Workplace Strategy Tool help me?

A simple 5-min questionnaire drives your powerful insights page, providing answers to questions such as:

Do we need a main company office?

With more employees now keen to work remotely on a regular basis, find out whether a central company office should still play a part in your working setup.

Could we take a smaller office or for fewer days per week?

Maybe you don't need an office for a full 5 days every week or for every employee; find out if taking a part-time or smaller office could be an option.

What workspace facilities do my team want?

From pet-friendly spaces to phone booths, which amenities are most important to your team?

Are my team satisfied with their home working setup?

Are your employees comfortable working from home? We can survey your employees to ensure their home setup is safe and healthy.

Should we consider additional workspace options for our team?

Some employees prefer or need to work in locations other than the company office or their own home.

What should we do next?

Armed with data around how your team want to work, we can help you turn all of these insights into a viable working solution.

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Find out how your employees want to work