CreativeSpace - Zurich



On-demand workspaces

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    Meeting Rooms

    Rooms to meet and present

    • 6 People

      7 credits / per hour

    • 40 People

      19 credits / per hour

    • 100 People

      37 credits / per hour

Building Facilities

Arrival Instructions

CreativeSpace Zurich is located in the west wing of the building. Spot the big green board to find our separate direct access stairs.

Access Hours

8:30am - 5:30pm


We believe coworking spaces are more than just open-plan offices: it is exchanging with colleagues, participation in a community, flexible usage conditions and affordable prices for a professional infrastructure. Coworking is not only for the self-employed and startups, but also brings added value for employees of SMEs and large companies!

Make contacts instead of getting stuck in the home office! We don't understand networking as a competitive sport, but rather getting to know other people and their professional strengths in order to expand one's professional network. Whether during the day with a coffee in the coworking space or in the evening at an event.