Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are the office of choice for people who work remotely. It is a low-cost office solution that provides you and your team with everything that you need in order to work, but without the hassle of managing a physical space. For those who work from home, or conduct an online or non-traditional business, it is the office of choice.

Get a virtual office in London from £50 per month.

Looking for a virtual office in London?


All membership options include:

  • Flexible terms, with a monthly rolling contract
  • Pay-as-you-go access to over 15 co-working spaces, as well as roof gardens and members’ bars
  • Be part of a community of tens of thousands of members
  • Great discounts with fantastic partners
  • Invitations to members only events
  • 15% discount on gym membership
  • 15% discount on leasing art
  • 15% discount on event venue hire

Business Address

Choose between our London, Leeds & Bristol locations. Your mail can be held or forwarded to you wherever you are (daily, weekly or monthly depending on your preference).

Mail is forwarded at the cost of the postage (we cover the packaging). We’re able to handle all packages that will fit in a post box and are less than 5kg.


Get an 0207 or 0203 number, and choose between:

Call Forwarding

Forward your call to a number of your choice. This will be seamless with no forwarding tone and and is charged at our standard rate.

Call Answering

We answer calls on your behalf in your company name and seamlessly transfer them through to you. Any calls that are forwarded are charged at our standard rate.

Payment & Terms

Membership fees are due in monthly instalments, in advance and by direct debit. Any charges for postage and call forwarding will be charged on the 14th of each month. To cancel your membership just give us 1 month notice. If you eventually take a physical office, we’ll refund your Virtual Membership fee up to the length of term and put it towards your office agreement.

Table of Contents

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a set of address and communication services that replace the traditional executive office suite. It gives you everything that a real office does, but without the physical space itself. Virtual offices include a series of services including communication services such as a remote receptionist or virtual assistants, and space services such as a professional or mailing addresses that can be utilized by you and your team.

Depending on the needs of your business, virtual offices can be better for you than having a physical office. Today, many business models do not function well with a physical space that you need to pay for every month. Virtual offices gives you the services required for a business to run, and cuts away all the unnecessary physical space that comes with executive office suites.

How does a virtual office work?

A virtual office functions by providing a person with the services that come with having an office without actually providing the physical space itself. These services can range from anything that a business requires to function, but you can expect some of the following:

Professional address

If you operate a business at home, there’s nothing stopping you from listing your living address as your professional business address, but it may not be in your best interests or the best interests of your business to have people show up at your home whenever they want. Virtual offices provide you with a professional address that you can list as your official business address.

Mailing services

A virtual office provides you with a professional mailing address, which allows you to have a central mailing address that sorts and holds paper documents sent to you.

Answering services

Unless you have a receptionist, any phone calls that comes through has to be answered by either you or a member of your team, which can be disruptive for your business. A virtual office provides you with a professional receptionist that operates remotely and takes your calls for you.

Onsite reception

A virtual office can provide you with reception staff at your business’ virtual office location that receives and handles deliveries, packages, and documents. Depending on the nature of your virtual office, they can also open mail and scan its contents into internet-based storage systems so that you can access its digital versions right away.

Meeting space

Virtual offices can come with meeting space that you can use for client or team meetings. Space can come free as part of your virtual office package or be available for rent on-demand.

Onsite Amenities

A virtual office can come with amenities that are located onsite at the office’s physical location. These amenities can include on-demand Wifi, printing and fax services, conference calling, and professional waiting rooms, depending on the virtual office.

Virtual assistants

A virtual office can come with a virtual assistant, who operates remotely and assists you and your team in crucial administrative tasks.

What is the difference between a virtual office and a physical office?

To put it simply, it is the lack of a physical space. A virtual office provides you with everything that you and your team needs to operate but without the actual physical office itself.

If you’re a businesses that operates remotely, a team that’s constantly on the move, or a freelancer looking to promote yourself, having a set physical location can be detrimental to everyday operations and rack up a big monthly bill without being properly utilized. A virtual office provides the benefits of an executive office suite without the unnecessary parts.

Why should I use a virtual office instead of a physical office?

There are many reasons to use a virtual office instead of a physical office. Businesses who work remotely or have team members constantly on the move can find it beneficial to have virtual office services helping them operate. Those of us who work from home will find it helpful to have a professional business location that handles the administrative work and provides meeting space and expensive office equipment when needed.

With the rise of technology today, staying connected with the members of your team only requires having an active internet connection. The highly flexible nature of the workspace allows us to work from longer distances than normal. If the nature of your business allows you and your team operate without needing an actual office space, then a virtual office in London is an excellent choice.

In addition, operating with a virtual office comes at price reductions across the board. Since virtual office tenants don’t actually occupy the physical space, it allows teams who take advantage of virtual offices to list their official business address at highly sought after locations at a fraction of the price.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual offices?



  • Provides you with a professional business address at a fraction of the cost
  • Allows you and your team to operate from any location using their laptop, phone as long as they have internet access
  • Eliminates the need for travel, allowing for team members to be located and acquired from different cities or even countries
  • Provides amenities and physical meeting space on demand
  • Allows for seamless company growth without needing to move locations Disadvantages
  • Quality of communication drops without face-to-face contact with team members - coworkers are less likely to discuss challenges, brainstorm ideas, and build relationships
  • Company culture is more difficult to maintain when everyone is working remotely
  • Quality of communication drops without face-to-face contact with team members - coworkers are less likely to discuss challenges, brainstorm ideas, and build relationships
  • Company culture is more difficult to maintain when everyone is working remotely

Is it cheaper to rent a virtual office compared to a physical office?

You bet! Since virtual offices come with all the parts of an office but without the space itself, you can expect price drops, allowing you to focus your budget more tightly. Virtual offices allow you access to prime locations at minimal costs. Moving locations is also easier than ever - there’s no office to move at all!

Virtual offices come with a series of services that you can add and subtract at any time. You gain access to meeting rooms and pricey office equipment that can be accessed on demand but left when unneeded. The result is a highly flexible workplace that adheres to the needs of you and your team.

If you are interested in finding a virtual office, please contact our tenant advisory team at +44 20 3608 0215 or email for free advice on the best way to find a virtual office.

The growth of virtual offices in London

The first virtual office began in 1990, and has gained significant popularity since then as an affordable and convenient alternative to executive office suites for many businesses and workers.

Today, 1.5 million people in London work from home, and the number is only increasing. Over the past decade, the number of people who work from home has increased by a quarter million. By 2020, over half the population of London will work from home, as estimated by the London’s Business School’s Global Leadership Summit.

The rise of the internet has redefined the workspace. The idea that the office is a single location where a person’s professional lives happen is becoming less prominent, due to the presence of smarter and faster devices, a plethora of internet-based collaborating apps, and faster networks. The combination of these things has made it so that workers can be productive almost anywhere and connect with crucial team members further apart and outside of a standard 9-5, Monday-Friday schedule.

Virtual offices are an excellent choice for those who can benefit from working from afar. Anyone from freelancers looking for contract work, to entrepreneurs whose work keeps them on the move, to aspiring startup companies looking for a professional address and a suite of administrative services can take advantage of a virtual office in London.

What is the minimum contract term period for a virtual office?

We know it’s not helpful, but the minimum contract depends on the virtual office in question. But generally, the minimum terms you’ll be looking at is one month.

If you are interested in finding a virtual office, please contact our tenant advisory team at +44 20 3608 0215 or email for free advice on the best way to find a virtual office.

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